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There you have it. Move along...

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Teaching fact-checking
These tools should go straight to our navigation bars.
#fakenews #medialiteracy

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How we learn
Extensive reading in this piece.
reposting to dig in later.

via +Doug Holton

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Ignore the click bait title
This is about leading towards responsibility and getting sh*t done.

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Food for thought.

Step Up!

We ask those who work for us (or with us) to step up, without really thinking exactly what that means: 

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We often comment on this phenomenon in discussion, but I wasn't aware it had a name.

Via +John Skeats 

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Challenges in Virtual Collaboration
Just stumbled across this ancient (2004?) in-depth paper by the Rand Corporation.
An exploration of technologies, formats and side effects.
Includes interesting decision flow-charts and other complicated approaches.
Worth browsing.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cool my head.

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This one's worth going deeper. Reposting to dig in later.
ht +Donna Murdoch 
Good article and list, if the focus is all on technology. Would have liked to see mention of learning community places / spaces as they are critical to learner success.

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It seems we're going to have a hard time staying on top of all the literacies we need to teach.
Looks like there is no substitute to being broadly educated and informed in this connected world and the excuse "you can google everything" may become a dangerous idea.
Good old newspaper anyone?
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