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Hello Everyone,

A Software Developer needed for Samsung R&D Institute Jordan- regional office as below details:

Job Description:
- Responsible for implementation of Android specific elements.
- Follow best practices of software design.
- Implementation of new products and enhancements as required.
- Research coding techniques and reduce defects.
- Work effectively and efficiently with UI/UX designer team.
- Implementation on already developed applications for maintenance.
- Understand already developed applications.

- Ability to learn software and technology quickly in a fast changing environment.
- Demonstrated problem solving capabilities as well as excellent customer service skills.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Ability to multi-task with outstanding organizational skills.
- Knowledge of xml and json a requirement.
- Knowledge of sqlite and a working experience in SQL databases.
- Network programming skills.
- Coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting practices is important.

If you find yourself applicable for the job please send your resume to

Thank you.

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An introduction to RxJava for Android

"... How many lines of code do you think it would take to implement something like this? If you look at the IOSched source code, you’ll get an idea of what it would take. If you followed the strategy in the IOSched app, you’d probably set a listener on the SearchWidget text and use an if-statement to check to see if the text is at least three characters long. If it is, you’d call a method that uses a Handler to remove any messages that have been scheduled to execute in the last 100 milliseconds and that schedules a new message to be sent at the end of a 100 millisecond delay.
Here’s what’s awesome about RxJava: Once you have an RxJava Observable that’s set up to report events about text changes in the SearchWidget, you can do the equivalent of all of this in three lines of code ..."

+ Part 1:
+ Part 2:
+ Slides:

by K. Matthew Dupree

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The universe is really BIG!
space is big.. just another post i find thought worthy 
Animated Photo

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Explore the majestic architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi with Street View.

Visit this place and explore further on #StreetView on your computer or phone at (iPhone users: Download the Google Maps app at

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صديقي المبدع

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