as +Georg Greve stated to me a while ago, that he would like to learn +Blender but find it to hard to learn and not easy to follow some tutorials, I worked on producing some tutorials of my own. During the christmas holidays I prepared 4 of them and 2 of them are already finished. The other 2 needs just a little bit of work.

Of course I will prepare screencast of them and will them publish in my blog and also will be doing them on some FLOSS events, when I get a workshop slot for them.

But this time I will also do something new - hangouts for interested people. So I decided to do the first one this saturday lets say 15.00 UTC thats 3pm ;) So if you like to see what we try to create, thats the target picture.

On language, we can do it in english or german depending on the audience. So if you are interested make a comment ;)
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