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Business Valuation Case Updates – July 2014
Interesting and Notable Business Valuation Case Updates
Corporate Valuation Services, Inc.

In this edition of CVS’s Business Valuation Case Updates, we reviewed two cases effecting business valuation techniques.
Chattree v. Chattree, 2014 Ohio App. LEXIS 479, (February 13, 2014): This cases offers yet another example of a business owner denying documents and interviews to the non-earning spouse’s appraiser. However, the non-earning spouse’s expert took the appropriate actions to ensure that his report was protected from the exorbitant examination by the husband. This trial went to the appellate court and that court punished the uncooperative spouse.

Sloan Valve Company v. Zurn Industries, Inc., 2014 U.S. Dist. Lexis 39678 (March 26, 2014): A patent infringement case regarding new toilet flushing technology. The defendant challenges the plaintiff expert’s analysis in a Daubert motion. The court is left to pick up the pieces and determine the appropriateness of admitting the expert’s testimony.

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