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Nimish Dubey
A freelance writer, who writes on technology, cricket, football, tennis and music.
A freelance writer, who writes on technology, cricket, football, tennis and music.

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"We can accuse him of being a tad too sappy and inconsistent in places, but then that is a small price to pay for what on the whole is a very pleasant listening experience. No, you won’t see people chanting Sheeran’s lyrics when they go out on protest marches, and he will not be a “cult figure” to rally the youth.
But people will listen to him sing.
Again and again.
Because he is so easy on the ear.
And comes with no complications..."

I review Ed Sheeran's​ new album, Divide (÷) on Indian Express​.

#EdSheeran #EdSheeranDivide #DivideReview #DivideAlbum #EdSheeranReview

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We were told that the era of premium priced phones was coming to an end. Well, 2016 proved that it was alive and kicking. It was actually the Budget Flagships that ended up being in a spot of bother. My piece +TechPP.
#OnePlus #Xiaomi #Asus #Samsung #BudgetPhones #HighEndPhones #FlagshipPhones

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And we are starting a new column in TechPP, Event-tally Speaking. It is TechPP’s regular take on tech events of significance, going beyond the Q&A sessions and the presentations. It is our attempt to look at what the event meant for different parties. Eventually. Pun intended.
We start with the HTC event yesterday which turned out to be more about the person launching the phones than the phones themselves.

#HTCIndia #JohnAbrahams #HTC #TechEvent 

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It is not without its rough edges. But it sure works. My review of Google's Photo Scan app on TechPP.
#PhotoScan #GooglePhotoScan #PhotoScanApp #GoogleApp

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It is his birthday and what better way to celebrate than to listen to ten of the best songs of the man we call The Boss. My piece in Indian Express on the best of Bruce Springsteen!
#BruceSprinsteen   #TheBoss   #Springsteen   #BestofBruceSpringsteen  

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It is dark enough to have impressed Darth Vader. My take on the new iPhone ad on TechPP!

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"Much Ado about Not Too Much?"
My piece on Apple's decision to give the 3.5 mm audio jack a miss +TechPP 

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Multi touch, apps, SIM extraction tools, so so battery life...ten things that we have got used to, thanks to the iPhone. My piece at TechPP. 

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Megapixels, sensors, OIS and all that might be fine but the stark fact is that ANY camera can take a great photograph. It's about the eyes not the hardware. My piece in +TechPP 

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"The writer...fancies himself as a genius, is scared of the fairer sex, is terrified of his own gender, likes to live in dark rooms, has a fascination for machines, and dreams of getting free devices for review from manufacturing organisations, hoping to keep himself solvent by writing about them. Oh and the irregular and frenzied stains on the paper indicate he also does something that he calls hands-on!”

Sherlock Holmes takes a look at the Apple Invite and bloggers. My humorous take on TechPP.
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