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Are you looking for a practical guide to content and language integrated learning (CLIL)?

Available now CLIL in Context: Practical Guidance for Educators is a comprehensive, practical guide to CLIL in different educational contexts. With plenty of real life examples and useful tools for working with the community it is supported by commentaries from educators and students around the world.

Find out more:

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Find out about the Cambridge Global English series from two of its authors Chris Barker and Libby Mitchell in their blog post: 'Cambridge Global English - A Topic Based Approach'.

Chris and Libby talk about how the series and the approach can help learners. Read our blog post here:

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Find out how ORCA the UK based whale and dolphin conservation charity collaborated on Giants of the Ocean, a Gold Band book from Cambridge Reading Adventures!

Cambridge Reading Adventures is a ground-breaking Primary guided reading series. A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the ORCA Charity.

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How should teacher learning develop over time through the different phases of a teacher’s career?

Colleen McLaughlin editor of Making a difference, Turning Teacher Learning Inside-out, gives her views to the Education team.

Read our blog post and watch Colleen in our video:

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What is a first person narrative?

What effect do you think this type of narrator might have on the story and the reader?

Find out from Elizabeth Whittome, author of Cambridge International AS and A Level Literature in English, in her latest video:

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Our latest Career Talks Profile to inspire students about their future careers is out!

Dr Mohamed Zaki, research associate at Cambridge Service Alliance, talks about his interests in data disruption and new business models in the education sector, and offers advice on how to work in data science.

Watch our video and find out more:

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Available now, a unique global analysis of the political and social pressures on the education of teachers within the university: 'Do Universities Have a Role in the Education and Training of Teachers?', by Bob Moon.

A new addition to The Cambridge Education Research Series, produced in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.

Find out more.

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Take a close look at the South African education system and education reform with author Robert Balfour's first blog post.

Robert Balfour's book Education in a New South Africa: Crisis and Change sets out to answer three questions: What has the impact of change and transformation been on education in South Africa? Why does the crisis in education persist? What is the likely impact of crisis and change on South Africa’s further development?

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Have you heard about the first UK primary University Training School?

The Education team spoke to James Biddulph, Headteacher of the School, which is subject of the upcoming Cambridge Education Research series book.

Read our latest Thought Leadership post and find out more.

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What does teacher education mean to you?

Find out about the book Making a Difference: Turning Teacher Learning Inside Out in our video with editor Colleen McLaughlin:

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Available now! Cambridge O Level Statistics Coursebook revised for the Cambridge O Level Statistics syllabus 4040.
Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, this coursebook uses a skill-building approach with clear explanations, worked examples and plenty of exercises to encourage the application of knowledge to a range of statistical problems.
Explore our online sample:
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When you're reading a novel do you consider who is telling the story?

Elizabeth Whittome, author of 'Cambridge International AS and A Level Literature in English' looks at the role of the narrator in her latest blog post and videos:

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Updates from the International Education team at Cambridge University Press, publishing inspirational learning resources for ages 3-19 in over 160 countries.

We at Cambridge University Press International Education are driven by a simple imperative: to work alongside educators and learners to provide individuals with accessible, inspirational learning resources that lead them to a lifetime of achievement. We are proud to share the gold-standard tradition and contemporary relevance of the University of Cambridge. For us, academic rigous, innovative thinking and leading edge practices are crucial aspects of delivering the excellent, fully rounded education that the 21st-century learner demands.

Cambridge University Press is a world-leading international education publisher, providing educational materials, resources and services to teachers and learners, from ages 3-19, in over 160 countries.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and follow the core values of the University of Cambridge, ensuring all of our publishing reflects the Cambridge standards around encouraging and supporting critical thinking, thinking skills, problem solving and creativity.

Through our comprehensive and high-quality print, digital and online resources, we aim to enable thousands of learners worldwide to advance their learning, knowledge and abilities, and to successfully pass their exams and assessment criteria.

We work with innovative and aspiring authors with extensive knowledge of the education market and curriculum developments. Our teachers and learners can expect support and customer care from a dedicated specialist global team of representatives and agents.

In an ever-changing global educational environment, Cambridge University Press aims to innovate, inspire and lead the way in educational excellence.

To view contact details for your local sales representative, visit:

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