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Week 103 Mis Dos Años
Mis Dos Años Think I am feeling a little of what John felt as he finished writing his accounts of the savior when he said: Hermana Celemantina and the 4 year old. 25  And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be  writte...

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Week 101 Every Single Door Will Be Opened
Every Single Door Will Be Opened We
have a solid two weeks with out a single person telling us no. Honestly
not even sure how to put into words all that is happening here in
Flores. It's as if the Savior himself is walking in front of us talking
to the ...

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Week 100 Denis' Baptism
Denis´ Baptism This
week was one of those weeks in the mission that makes you forget about
all the let downs you've had in months. I had the privilege to baptize
Denis on Saturday. The other Elders here in Flores also had a baptism. A
bunch of members s...

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Week 99 Did You Hear the Good News?
Did You Hear the Good News? Highlight
of this week was reading "I am a child of God" by Donald L. Hallstrom from this past general conference. Really opened my eyes. Awhile back when I hadn't had a baptism for over 8 months I found myself really confused

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Week 98 Testimony Push Ups
Testimony Push Ups Was about to log off and realized that I didn't write anything home for the blooggggg.  Between
us and the other Elders we have a baptism every week in July. The district is the best district in the mission write now! Honestly things

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Week 97 Last Six Weeks
Last Six Weeks Got
the news this morning (while fishing, si hombre) that I am going to be
staying here in Flores for my last change. Honestly hyped. We had a surprise baptism this week. Long story but she ask me to baptize her and
it made the hard week a...

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Week 96 Maria's Baptism
Maria´s Baptism S aturday
at around three I told my comp that we should pass by for Maria´s house
just to remind her to bring a towel and extra clothes to change into
after. We passed by a member's house first (where we have taught her
all the lessons b...

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Week 95 Christ Visited the Americas
Christ Visited the Americas Sometimes I just smile when I realize that I am a missionary. Feeling really
blessed this week to have a testimony that Christ lives and that this is His church. Feeling really grateful to have been born to such loving

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Week 94 It's Not About You
It's Not About You  My
new favorite thing to do is hitch-hike. Today we are in La Paz and normally we have to take two buses. 10 limps each and at least an hour
waiting in the hot sun. Today I thumbed a ride and the family was going
to San Pedro and the ...

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Week 93 My Shoes Have Been Wet Since Monday
My Shoes have been wet since Monday The weather here has been crazy. We even had a little earthquake'. like 6.1 or something. Someone can check that because that's just what they told us. But legit the roads turned into rivers this week and  me with my ¨hol...
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