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Patrick Winkel

So I'm assuming unless there's a massive update in the works Maddevil? That development is dead. I still can't even get a confirmation email to join the board to help people that have some pretty simple issues. I love your software but Roon and others including airsonic are forging ahead in development, lets face it the UI is clunky and subsonic. I know the roadmap has updates, but I'm assuming development has halted?

Let your users know what's going on, your system has been very stable for me, but I really want an external database without a mile of support issues to get it running. Also, since the encryption change, we can't migrate to any other systems, and I have too many users to want to set it all up again.

Any updates? +Martin Karel

Also, fix your forum, I've joined several times and never get any confirmation emails to actually verify and's very annoying. I see so many posts I can help people on and fix their setups, but I can't actually get on the forum!

There are a number of halting glitches, I'm on a 8TB Database, and I'm seeing halting with issues, I've already bumped my transcoders up to 4.0 which is a major improvement. Are we stalled on development or are we going to see somethign new. BTw, the madsonic android app refuses to connect at all, reverse proxy, claims, the 6.3 branch password incorrect. I'm curious is to what's happening. I love the software, but can't live with no updates and development. Airsonic is active. What's going on here MadDevil :)
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