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Geek, Gamer, Nurse...
Geek, Gamer, Nurse...

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This was fabulous fun. We thought we would be out for an hour or two. Eight hours later having spent the night on a canal path without thinking to bring food or drink... Or warm coats...

+Kane Benefield and I had startled several fishermen, seen shooting stars and hid in several bushes to evade the blue....
Claire Project Midlands

A couple of weekends ago we took part in an ENL Eurovision (Eur an Aus) operation to Enlighten as many cities across the two continents, and involve many new agents. Success! as well as covering the cities of Birmingham, Coventry, Northampton, and Gloucester. We managed to get five agents their Onyx, and one his Platinum fielding badge.

Total number of Fields 15, average MU 2.8mill per layer. Many thanks to all those that took part, new and old. The blue team gave us a good battle, credit to them, most of our fields missed the CP's, but we still got it up!

Roll Call:-

It looked something like this at its peak:-
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Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection*

Poor sleep can literally kill your social life. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in much the same way as people with social anxiety. Worse still, that alienating vibe makes sleep-deprived individuals more socially unattractive to others. Moreover, well-rested people feel lonely after just a brief encounter with a sleep-deprived person, potentially triggering a viral contagion of social isolation. The findings, which will be published August 14 in the journal Nature Communications, are the first to show a two-way relationship between sleep loss and becoming socially isolated, shedding new light on a global loneliness epidemic. "We humans are a social species. Yet sleep deprivation can turn us into social lepers," said study senior author Matthew Walker, a UC Berkeley professor of psychology and neuroscience. Notably, researchers found that brain scans of sleep-deprived people as they viewed video clips of strangers walking toward them showed powerful social repulsion activity in neural networks that are typically activated when humans feel their personal space is being invaded. Sleep loss also blunted activity in brain regions that normally encourage social engagement. "The less sleep you get, the less you want to socially interact. In turn, other people perceive you as more socially repulsive, further increasing the grave social-isolation impact of sleep loss," Walker added. "That vicious cycle may be a significant contributing factor to the public health crisis that is loneliness."
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On a bright sunny day, seven agents set out to brighten the world, bringing a burst of colour to the city of Gloucester. With much planning and hours spent by dedicated players hacking keys, the seven met where the four roads met, the historic centre of an ancient city.

One hour of linking, followed by drinks and food to revive the overheated agents, and the Gloucester Ingress Starburst was born. 234 links, and 34 km travelled.

Edit with extra data from +Laura L :
128 links by ENL
104 links by RES

+Kane Benfield +Mark Hooper +Dave Fowler +Zed Skutterz +Ashley Moore LittleDragoness with +Laura L on comms..

#Ingress +Andrew Krug
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While trying to remove ingress peoples from Canberra, I've accidentally deleted some people going - I don't know which ones (that'll teach me to try doing it in the app!). So my apologies! Please do not see this as gatekeeping or trying to stop any particular poeple...
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First Saturday. Starting late, meeting at Foster's bar in the docks. They are kindly letting us use half of their function room so please buy a drink and lunch!
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