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CEO of the Utopia Research Institute, Intellectual Property Analytical Designer, Social Entrepreneur

Katherine McCormick: CEO of Utopia Research Institute - Intellectual Property Analytical Designer - Social Entrepreneur

Thank you for viewing my profile. Why should you circle me? If you're interested in the health of humanity you may want to participate in my G+ stream. 

My (Social Science) research encompasses a range of methods in order to analyze a vast wealth of health data. By employing both quantitative and qualitative information encompassing data derived from an in-depth investigation of scientific information via current and past (historical) documents. A clear image of our current and future state of health is emerging.

My colleagues and I are involved in the actual collection and dissemination of the data to the public (through upcoming blogs). 

The concept regarding diseases, their causes and proposed cures and or preventative applications in relationship to both physical and mental health is the core component of this research.

If you would like more information about the research please contact me via email.

Many thanks for your time. 

Kat McCormick


Table of contents

  1. About me 
  2. About my research
  3. About being a Social Entrepreneur
  4. About Utopia Research Institute
  5. Parenting+
  6. Super Parent Award
  7. Privacy Notice


#1 About me: Part 1

I'm an Intellectual Property Analytical Designer, I work with concepts as property. I'm also an independent [scientific] researcher. 

You'll find that I have strong opinions on pharmaceutical drugging by the psychiatric profession, especially in children. 

I began my love affair with both science and research at a very young age and benefited from a private education that allowed me to audit university courses (of my choice) and the added benefit of private tutors. 

It was a unique experience having professors come to my home for High Tea and lessons. I enjoyed  being able to 'pick their brains' and have in-depth one-two-one conversations with them.   

What surprised me the most was when these professors began lamenting that they felt hindered and unable to fully express their personal opinions to  both their peers and their university for fear of being censured.

I realized that if I took a degree, I too would come under fire as I had formed very strong opinions that did not conform to mainstream thought.

This was brought home when one professor began a lesson in String Theory. 

I proposed that there may be an unlimited number of components to String Theory. He was shocked and dismayed. This kind and gentle professor advised me to "never repeat the statement in public" or I would be relegated to the bottom of any course I undertook. 

Long story short...I decided not to take any degree and scientist's have now decide that there may be an infinite number of components to String Theory...both of these things make me smile.

I'm not often asked for my credentials, but when I am, I must say that I'm very proud to tell them that I'm an autodidact. I worked hard to educate myself and feel that no university could ever have given me what I needed or wanted.

"A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study." ~ Chinese Proverb

#1 About me: Part 2

I take photographs...yep...and they're not too bad either. Most are photos of gardens, flowers and plants around Sydney [Australia] or my Chihuahuas.

All images I post are my own work, unless the post indicates otherwise. I retain copyright on all images. You are free to copy for personal use, Charities non-profit & educational usage is also free, but I expect a notification of any such usage & credit where appropriate. Commercial usage (where you make money or use the image to promote a product or cause) is strictly forbidden without my prior consent.  (reprint from Trevor Farrell – many thanks)

#1. About me: Part 3

I'm involved in the Non-GMO Project. It's a collaborative effort between consumers, retailers and industry. There are many ways to get involved with the Project if you are interested, go to,

Consumer concern about GMOs is increasing rapidly in the United States and Canada. As awareness grows, it’s essential for leaders of the Non-GMO movement to communicate effectively.

Research shows that for the Non-GMO message to be successful, simplicity and consistency in communications are essential.

In 2011, the Non-GMO Project began working with other non-GMO thought leaders to develop a Non-GMO Communications Toolkit. Launched in June 2012, the toolkit provides a coordinated framework for non-GMO communications so that our efforts for change will become more powerful.

Lack of oversight and government regulation has resulted in many U.S. farmers with contamination from nearby farms growing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). 

As of 2003 the amount of global land area planted for growing GMOs was 167 million acres and the U.S. comprised 63% of that figure occupying 105 million acres. 

Today with over 60 percent of the processed foods on the U.S. supermarket containing ingredients mostly derived from: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, flax, papaya, rice, soy, sugar beets, zucchini and yellow summer squash, containment becomes an ever increasing more challenging task especially for organic farmers. 

One such farmer tested his "organic" corn and found 6% contaminated with a GM strain. After detecting the contamination himself back in 2007, Albert Strauss, owner of the Strauss Creamery and five other natural food producers (including whole Foods) opted to voluntarily test their food and get on the band wagon of the Non-GMO project. 

The Non-GMO Project offers annual testing of the food before it's processed at critical times along the supply chain. 

The projects mission brings transparency, reliability, and accountability to growers who want to grow non GMO crops and consumers who want to purchase them. The introduction of labeling a product Non-GMO adds a whole other element to what's considered "organic" or certified organic. 

Many products on the market certified organic with a USDA stamp of approval have now come to be questioned whether or not they are compromised with ingredients derived from GMOs. 

The Non-GMO Project is dedicated to bring awareness to consumers so that they can make a more informed choice.


#2  About my research

Over the past few decades I have undertaken in-depth research into several areas including: 

  1. Orthomolecular Medicine

  2. Bio-medicine

  3. Bio-chemistry

  4. Pharmacology

  5. The Pharmaceutical Industry

  6. Psychiatry

  7. Cognitive Science

  8. Neuroscience

  9. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

  10. Mental Health and Disorders

  11. Pre-psychosis in children and youth

  12. Parent/Child Development and Education

At the moment I'm preparing several exciting conference packages that will be delivered in late 2012 in Sydney Australia. These conferences will cover a wide range of subjects that will impact on National Health in Australia and I believe that through colleagues associated with the conferences, it will make an impact around the world as well. 


#3 About being a Social Entrepreneur:

Now some of you may be asking yourself what is a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They have the ability to realize concepts, organise them and carry them to fruition. They're ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. 

Rather than leaving social needs to government or community groups alone, social entrepreneurs look for what’s not working and solve the problem by designing [or re-designing] systems to address the issues(s), communicating the solution and persuading others to take up new challenges that will benefit everyone.

Social entrepreneurs have a strong desire to be of service to humanity. They want win-win solutions than make changes in the lives of people that may otherwise never have an opportunity to actively participate in society or to reach their full potential. 

I believe that one person can make a difference, especially if they can inspire others to assist in addressing the needs of venerable people who might otherwise slip through the cracks.

In order to fulfill my mission as a social entrepreneur, I needed to find a nonprofit that had the same vision I did. Well, after looking for quite some time I realized that I'd have to put myself on the line and develop one. 

Social entrepreneurs aren't cowards, but having said that, the job was daunting. As luck would have it, I met people that believed in the same vision. 


#4 About Utopia:

The Utopia Research Institute Limited [NGO] is committed to an exciting phase of positive change, in the areas of health and education. 

At Utopia we believe that the time has come to make a stand for CHANGE in the way health services are delivered. 

Utopia believes that everyone should have the right to make choices about their health. 

Utopia supports and promotes effective biochemical assessment and complementary advanced [non-pharmaceutical] biochemical treatment for many forms of mental and physical health issues [and behavioral disorders] as well as viable mainstream medical practices.

The Utopia Research Institute Limited is dedicated to improving the health and education of children, their families and communities.

Utopia Optimal Health Sustainability (OHS) programs are designed to create a seamless engagement with patients and care providers and involves a full range of accepted medical services as well as Orthomolecular Medicine, biochemical and DNA testing, psychological and behavioral analysis and support. 

Utopia supports preventative and therapeutic measures known to be effective and necessary for the achievement of Optimal Health Sustainability.

It’s about time everyone had an opportunity to experience really good health for a change. It’s about time we stopped labeling people and having only one road to go down when it comes to OUR health…don’t you think?

Well that’s what the Utopia Optimal Health Sustainability (OHS) programs are about…choice!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Support Utopia Research Institute’s integrative Optimal Health Sustainability (OHS) programs. 

Will you join them and make the world a healthier place to live? 

1) Utopia is not affiliated with any political or religious institution, and will not seek government or other funding [for any project] that is underwritten by the Pharmaceutical Industry or in which the personal and sensitive data of our members will be compromised.

2) The Utopia Research Institute Limited has endorsement from the Australian Taxation Office for charity tax concessions and deductible gift recipient as a Charitable Institution.


#5 Parenting+ Program

You may be asking, with so many parenting websites on the web…why build another?

First and foremost, because children don’t come with a set of instruction, they are uniquely individual and so are their parents and parenting styles.

Second, because parenting is one of the most stressful and challenging jobs on the planet today.

Third, because there is no one-stop-shop for parents that allows parents to choose the perimeters of information that best suits their requirements or fits their family model.

Parenting+ will provide help for parents who may have difficulty gaining, regaining or maintaining mastery over every day activities and routines. This can include any activity, task or routine that the child or parent performs each day.

What is Parenting+?

It’s a multilevel project to improve the health and education of children while focused on education and training for parents in positive parenting skills.

Parenting+ will enable parents to learn skills and develop techniques at their own pace through the Parenting+ website, online courses, study groups and one to one instruction to develop key competencies.

The outcome is an opportunity that will enable parents to perceive their environment from a proactive point of view based on the the information they have learned and to address their circumstances in a positive way, thereby empowering them to build resilience both in themselves and in their children and develop personal skills to overcome issues and maximize their chances of success in raising happy and healthy children.

Based on the input of information, programs will be tailored to meet the needs of both child and parent and a personalised childhood development plan created that will enable parents to develop vital techniques and skill sets.

The Parenting+ Program will empower parents to build resilience both in themselves and in their children and will be used as an educational tool for health professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists, behavior management practitioners, pediatric specialists and general medical practitioners and educators [in both adult and child education].

Parenting+ Benefits

Parenting+ will:

  • provide access to timely and vital information tailored to both the parent(s) and the child;
  • provide a coordinated multidisciplinary service to assist in analysing problems;
  • allow parents to make informed decisions and actively participate in the care of their child’s total needs;
  • fill an education gap by providing individualized comprehensive education courses and personal instruction to parents when they need it most;
  • assist parents to keep an accurate [daily] diary of behaviour patterns, eating habits, health issues, developmental observations and much more;
  • be based online so that parents have easy access;
  • assist parents communicate to one another the [sometimes] unspoken details that need to be understood by both parents;
  • facilitate online communicate between custodial and non-custodial parents eliminating friction between the two and ensuring inclusion by both parents in the rearing of their child;
  • provide a broad range of physical and mental health services for children and their parents;
  • utilize avatars in the areas of health, nutrition, education, developmental play etc.; and
  • allow parents an opportunity to have one to one conferences with key service providers.

The primary areas of the Parenting+ are:

  • Physical development
  • Cognitive development
  • Motor development
  • Language development
  • Social and emotional development, and
  • Include a scale of individualized measurements and developmental Milestones

Additionally the program will contain early childhood education by teaching parents scalable skill sets.

If you're a parent and would like to join our Beta Test Team, please add me to your circles and send me a PM / email for an invitation.

Invitations are limited for the Beta Test so hurry if you're interested.

P+Brainstorm circle will have access to the Parenting+ website to implement the concept. 

Parenting+ Brainstorming sessions will discuss the components and methods of creating a comprehensive and interactive AI web based positive parenting program (Parenting+) utilising a scalable design.


#6 Super Parent Award (SPA)
The Super Parent Award reviews hundreds of parent profiles each day to chose the one parent who has excelled in their lifetime commitment to raising their children.  


#7 Privacy Notice

Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/ or the comments made about my photo's or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. (reprint from J.C. Kendall – many thanks)   

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Katherine McCormick

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Not the best topic for Valentine's Day? Think again!!
 New Afghan Law Disastrous for Women, Says National Geographic Photographer A proposed law would roll back gains made to protect Afghan women, photographer Lynsey Addario warns.

Bibi Aisha was 19 when I met her in Kabul's Women for Afghan Women shelter. Her husband, a Taliban fighter, beat her from the day she was married, at age 12. After she escaped to seek a neighbor's help, her husband cut off her nose, ears, and hair. Aisha later came to the U.S. for reconstructive surgery.

National Geographic photographer Lynsey Addario says that a new Afghan law, passed by parliament and awaiting signature by President Hamid Karzai, would effectively silence victims of domestic violence.

Addario first traveled to Afghanistan 14 years ago when it was under Taliban rule and has returned every year since. Over that time, rights and protections for Afghan women have been strengthened, and many women now have access to education and jobs.

But last year, Afghanistan saw a 28 percent increase in reports of attacks against women, according to the UN, with little rise in prosecutions. And now, a small but consequential change to the criminal code could make domestic violence—already rampant in Afghanistan—nearly impossible to prosecute.

In her 2010 photo essay for National Geographic, "Veiled Rebellion," Addario bore witness to both the abuse and the progress of Afghan women.

Her photographs show women maimed by their husbands for small acts of defiance. By contrast, ebullient teachers-in-training are seen picnicking in a women's garden established by a female Afghan governor.

The groundbreaking 2009 Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) criminalized acts of child marriage, rape, and other forms of violence against women.

But laws are only as effective as their enforcement, and Addario details how the proposed new law could roll back many of the hard-won protections she's documented in recent years.

Can you tell us about this new law the Afghan parliament has passed?

Basically what it's saying is that relatives cannot testify when a woman has been assaulted or raped. Essentially what that means is that no one can testify, because a woman only sees relatives, and a woman is only seen by relatives. Often it's a family member who is perpetrating the crime, and the only other witnesses are relatives. They are the only people who would ever be privy to a woman while she was getting abused or afterwards. It's a very indirect way of saying that you can do whatever you want to the women in your family. It's essentially giving free rein to people as they'll never have to worry about prosecution.

From what you've seen in Afghanistan, what do you think that change will mean for women?

Violence is ubiquitous. I interviewed about 300 women over two years for the National Geographic story, and an extremely high percentage of them were beaten repeatedly or suffered some sort of abuse. Being beaten is pretty prevalent—it's a phenomenon that happens, I don't know why. I've often talked to my male translators about it, and they've said maybe it's a product of PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] or war, or that it's a cultural thing. This law will basically mean that it happens without any repercussions at all.

What's changed since 2009—why has it gone from the Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women to this?

I think rather than starting with 2009, you should start with 2000 or 2001—the war and the fall of the Taliban. There have been advances in protecting women's rights, but a lot of them are not actually put into practice. Women don't really have a place to go if they're being abused. There are women's shelters, like those run by Women for Afghan Women, but they're not universally accepted in Afghanistan, and they're constantly under threat of attack or being closed down.
If a woman's husband is beating her on a daily basis, she can't just ask for a divorce. It's not acceptable in society. And if she does ask for a divorce, often she'll be killed by her family—because it brings shame to her family—or she'll be put in prison. I've met dozens of women in prison who've done nothing more than try to ask for a divorce. The international community is going to be pulling out of Afghanistan, and Afghans need to make decisions for themselves. If these are the decisions they're making, it's pretty terrifying. It's a very scary future for women in Afghanistan.

When you're photographing women rather than men, do you work with the camera differently?

Yes. I often don't shoot very much, and I'll keep my cameras in my bag. I'll spend a lot of time talking to people and making them feel comfortable. Then I'll get their permission, and then I'll photograph. A lot of what I'm doing when the story is very sensitive is just hanging out, and then I'll photograph very sparingly.

During your most recent visit, what were the women you were photographing communicating to you? Were you ever struck by some of the things they told you, or their impressions of you as a woman photographer?

I was there in September, on a women's story that has not yet been published, so I can't really talk about it yet. But I think my lifestyle, as a Western woman, is very confusing to an Afghan woman. Afghan women rarely leave their home or venture outside. They get married and have children, and their life revolves around the home. For years when I went to Afghanistan, the only questions they would ask me were "Are you married?" and "Do you have children?" And I answered no to both of those questions for many years. They always looked at me with these very sad expressions. They thought I would be lonely.
Educated Afghans who travel understand both worlds. But I try to be very careful as a journalist, to be very mindful of their culture and their traditions. I can't really bring my perspective or my opinion and try to impose that on anyone. But if we're talking about women's human rights abuses, if we're talking about ownership of women and basically taking away the only justice they have, then I would argue the laws are condoning and perpetuating violence against women.

Do you think the law will pass?

I don't know. Human rights organizations are making their case to Karzai and asking him not to sign it. I don't know, he's pretty irreverent these days, so I'm not sure.

When you were in women's shelters, did you see extreme violence?

Yes. Unbelievable. Extreme. I've seen women who have been burned with metal. I've seen women who have been gang-raped. I've seen women who've had their noses cut off. Everything. I mean everything. I've seen things that I never imagined a human being could do to another human being, much less a woman. I used to go to shelters routinely over the years, and almost every time I would end up in tears, paralyzed by sadness. For every step forward there are ten steps back. At some point Afghans need to decide for themselves if they want to move forward. This law, essentially, rolls back all the gains that have been made in terms of protecting women.

Photograph by Lynsey Addario, National Geographic
By Eve Conant, National Geographic
Published February 8, 2014

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Absolutly Mortifying. if I had my way those Ba*#&#^stards would be casterated. God help those women.!! Let those "men" see the error of their ways as to stop their violence.
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Katherine McCormick

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Micronutrient Supplement May Ease Adult ADHD, Boost Mood
Reported By Megan Brooks - January 30, 2014

A nutritional supplement packed with vitamins and minerals helped reduce symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and improved mood in a subset with moderate depression, new research shows.

A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted by investigators at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, showed that a micronutrient formula consisting of vitamins and minerals was significantly better than placebo in reducing ADHD symptoms.

"Our study provides preliminary evidence of the effectiveness of micronutrients in the treatment of ADHD symptoms in adults. This could open up treatment options for people with ADHD who may not tolerate medications or do not respond to first-line treatments," lead investigator Julia Rucklidge, PhD, clinical psychology professor, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, said in a statement.

The study was published online January 30 in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Area of Growing Interest

The role of nutrition in the treatment of ADHD is gaining interest. However, the focus has largely been on diet restriction or supplementing with 1 nutrient at a time, the investigators note.
They conducted the first double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of a broad-spectrum micronutrient formula called EMPowerplus in adults with ADHD.

EMPowerplus contains 36 ingredients (14 vitamins, 16 minerals, 3 amino acids, and 3 antioxidants). According to its makers, TrueHope Nutritional Support, EMPowerplus "works by giving the brain the right balance of vitamins and trace minerals on a regular basis."

"This micronutrient formula has been examined in over 20 published studies for treating various mental conditions, has documented evidence of both short- and long-term safety data, and has been more extensively examined in psychiatric conditions than any other multivitamin/multimineral formula; however, as of yet, no masked trials have been conducted on it," the investigators note.
Dr. Julia Rucklidge

"I simply got interested in whether the claims could be substantiated with a double-blind clinical trial," Dr. Rucklidge told Medscape Medical News.

The study involved 80 adults with untreated ADHD. For 8 weeks, 42 took the micronutrient supplement (15 capsules per day, in 3 doses of 5 capsules, taken with food and water), and 38 took matching placebo.

According to the investigators, the micronutrient treatment induced "statistically robust improvements in several indices, from ADHD symptoms to global assessment of functioning, compared with placebo, with effect sizes ranging from 0.46 to 0.67."

Adults taking the micronutrient formula reported greater improvement in both inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity compared with those taking a placebo. Improvement in hyperactivity/impulsivity was also noted by observers ― typically, a friend, partner, or parent.

Clinicians did not observe group differences on ADHD rating scales, but they did rate the individuals taking the micronutrients as functioning better in terms of their work, social relationships, and global psychological functioning.

In post hoc analyses, adults with moderate/severe depression at baseline had a greater change in mood favoring micronutrient treatment over placebo. This finding is consistent with other randomized controlled trials that show benefit of micronutrients in improving mood, the investigators note. There were no group differences in adverse events.

Novel and Noteworthy

"There is much research linking diet and also nutrient supplements to mental health, but this new study is noteworthy and novel for many reasons," Bonnie Kaplan, PhD, from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, told Medscape Medical News.

"First, it's placebo-controlled. Even though there is a growing body of more than 20 peer-reviewed publications on this broad-spectrum formula (actually developed in Alberta), this is the first trial that was placebo-controlled," said Dr. Kaplan. She was not involved in the study but has long studied the relationship between nutrition and mental health.

"Another important aspect that is novel is that the researchers are independent academic scientists, and the study was not funded by any manufacturers. One could not make this statement about most medication trials," Dr. Kaplan said.

"Another very important novelty is that they studied a broad-spectrum vitamin plus mineral formula, which is likely the way in which humans have evolved to need nutrients. Single-nutrient research does not respect the fact that we need all these vitamins and minerals every day, and in balance. This means this vitamin plus mineral intervention is more ecologically valid than many studies," Dr. Kaplan said.

Jerome Sarris, PhD, MHSc, senior research fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, Australia, agrees.

"Minerals and vitamins work in synergy, and combinations are often required for the body to utilize to perform many neurochemical activities (such as those that influence maintaining concentration or mood)," Dr. Sarris told Medscape Medical News.

"This new study is novel and of value, due to the common issue of most nutraceutical studies using only isolated nutrients," added Dr. Sarris, who also was not involved in the research.

He cautioned that more randomized controlled trials are needed in the field to "truly assess the potential benefits of nutrient-based formulas. These results, while positive, are preliminary and need to be repeated in a larger sample for a longer period of time to be fully validated."

Dr. Rucklidge and colleagues have just started recruitment for a similar trial in children with ADHD.

"We plan to recruit 100 children 8 to 12 to see whether the micronutrients may be helpful in reducing ADHD symptoms as compared with placebo," she said.

"We hope to move further towards understanding mechanisms of action, although with all the ingredients, this can be a challenge. We are also running other studies in the lab, looking at the effect of micronutrients on sleep, anxiety, and addictions. We are also investigating other ways forward for treating mental illness, including the use of probiotics," she said.

The authors, Dr. Kaplan, and Dr. Sarris report no relevant financial relationships.

Br J Psychiatry. Published online January 30, 2014. Abstract
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Katherine McCormick

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See the video and then look at the Australian Governments transcript
Macklin says she could live on dole! one word from the Government, Jenny Macklin or the Australian Media!!!! This will not be swept under the rug!
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You also aim to have no clue what Google+ is all about 
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Katherine McCormick

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The Jenny Macklin Challenge campaign begins today!!!

Rebekah Devlin of The Punch wrote on 18 OCT 2012: 

"A few weeks ago I spent a week living on the dole for a feature story. I had just $150 to spend on groceries, public transport, electricity bills, mobile phone, medications, photocopying of my resume and an outfit to wear to job interviews. I had no car, no internet, no computer, no food from my pantry, no private health insurance, and no Foxtel. I had always thought the dole payment was rather generous. After all, how do all those surfies survive on it? But the current level of Newstart allowance is so grossly inadequate I was shocked.

Newstart is $246.30 per week, plus a rent assistance of $60.50 per week is available, but you have to pay at least $134.36 in rent to be eligible. I couldn’t find accommodation for less than $150. The poverty line in Australia is $474.20 a week, almost $170 more than the dole. We’ve all said “Get a job”, but it ain’t that easy.

For the long-term unemployed, you may as well be asking them to fly to the moon. How do you get experience if every employer wants you to have it BEFORE they give you a job? I went shop to shop handing out my resume. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is asking a 17-year-old at a counter if they have any work? Then her telling you they only want juniors? I’m too old at 35, what a joke. The Centrelink offices are truly depressing - you feel the hopelessness as soon as you walk in the door. People are down-rodden, beaten. Some people dress up to show they don’t really belong, others gave up that charade years ago.
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Katherine McCormick

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This statement by minister Jenny Macklin, who said, "I could live on dole", is (just one) of the biggest mistakes to come out of any politician!
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1 week ?  pfffft politicians who do this get no real idea and then falsely judge those who do it all year, "I did it for a week, no problems, they should be able to do it too".  A week is nothing, especially if your fridge is already stocked and your bills are already paid. Let's see them do it for 3 months and donate the unused portion of their salary to charity.
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Katherine McCormick

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When will this stop? 
Scathing UN report demands Vatican 'immediately' act against child sexual abuse

Global Catholic Church abuse cases

Australia: Priests, brothers, charged over more than 100 offenses against children dating back to 1970s at St Stanislaus school, Bathurst. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, launched in April 2013. Expected to hear from 5,000 victims.

Canada: Mount Cashel Orphanage, Newfoundland, closed in 1990 after it emerged staff abused 300 residents over several decades. In 2002, associations representing more than 10,000 self-declared victims joined forces to seek compensation.

US: A 2004 criminal investigation found 4,400 priests sexually abused minors between 1950 and 2002; abuse affected about 11,000 children. Former archbishop of Boston Bernard Law forced to resign in 2002 for having protected paedophile priests; former archbishop of Los Angeles Roger Mahony agreed to pay $US660 million to 500 victims.

Ireland: One priest admitted sexually abusing more than 100 children, another said he had abused minors regularly over 25 years. A total of 14,500 Irish children are reported to have been victims of abuse by clergy.

Germany: In early 2010, hundreds of alleged cases of child sex abuse in church institutions emerged, notably at the Jesuit college Canisius in Berlin where about 20 cases were reported. In late 2012, a report said at least 66 church officials had been accused of sex abuse.

The Netherlands: In late 2011, a report said "several tens of thousands of minors" had been abused within church institutions between 1945 and 2010, and around 800 suspects have been identified.
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Katherine McCormick

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Culinary Culprits: Foods That May Harm the Brain
Nancy A. Melville - January 30, 2014

In one longitudinal study of 2054 Australian adolescents, a diet consisting of "junk food," ranging from chips, chocolates, and sweets to pizza and soda, was associated with a worsening of mental health status during a 2-year period ( PLoS One, published online September 21, 2011).

Another study of more than 23,020 women and children in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study showed that high consumption of junk foods during pregnancy and during the first 5 years of life predicted externalizing problems, such as aggression, hyperactivity, or tantrums, among children, independent of other confounding factors and of the childhood diet.
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A BIG "thumbs up" to +Stelian Pilici  ...virus is GONE!!!! No tears...just bye bye #viruse!
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YouTube - George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

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Girlfriend Social - Where Women Make Friends

Girlfriend Social - Meet New Girl Friends Today.Perfect for women who have recently relocated, divorced, had a baby or anyone simply looking


genetics just got personal

Sandi Krakowski

Attract the right clients, make more money & build the business of your dreams

Replies and more for Google+

Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

The Best, Worst and Most Overlooked Food Stories of 2011 | Personal Heal...

Here's a look at what (sometimes baffling) stories Americans found most compelling and several important ones they missed.

Midnight Theme for Google+

Tired of all that white? The Midnight Theme extension applies a clean, dark theme to Google+. Even your girlfriend will like it.

Westchester man awarded $48.1M in lawsuit against makers of Motrin - Con...

LOS ANGELES - A jury today awarded $48.1 million to a Westchester man with a rare, severe skin disorder that he said he acquired by taking t

Child abuse increased as economy crashed, study shows

A new study looks at child abuse cases before, during and after the economy's 2007 crash, and found that abusive head injuries increased dra

YouTube - Dangers Of Antidepressants Suppressed (Fox News)

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Women: The Invisible Poor

Reporting new poverty figures, major media ignore the fact that women are the hardest hit in every category.

Join on Empire Avenue

Build Your Empire: Get rewarded for being social online

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Medicaid program that helps poor children with serious mental health issues was victimized, prosecutors say.

Releases by WikiLeaks Fuel China Feud

An outspoken Chinese sociologist whose name appears in U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks is at the center of a heated online deb

THINGS ・ kwikset: You cannot be upset enough..So let me...

kwikset: “ You cannot be upset enough..So let me summarize: #NDAA & #SOPA #poster ”

Qaddafi’s Death: Barbarism and Hypocrisy

Qaddafi's Death: Barbarism and Hypocrisy. By Matthew Rothschild, October 20, 2011. I never mourn the death of a dictator. Good riddance

J&J Pushed Risperdal for Kids Without Approval, Memo Shows

A Johnson & Johnson unit marketed its Risperdal drug in 2004 to doctors working with troubled children even though regulators hadn’t app

Why Men Have To Lie To Women

Honesty is the best policy, but not with women. Believe it or not, they want us to lie. Here's why.