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Irene Boynton
This blog is designed as a place to share ideas, wonderings and learning.
This blog is designed as a place to share ideas, wonderings and learning.

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Telling Time...and a Little App Smashing
First grade standards require that scholars tell time to the hour and the half hour. After handing out some small clock manipulatives and asking some questions, this pre-assessment quickly showed some of my students could tell time to the hour but some were...

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Measurement in 1st Grade
The math measurement standard for first graders requires students to: ' use units to describe length and illustrate that the length of an object is the number of same-size units of length that, when laid end to end with no gaps or overlaps, reach from one e...

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Solving a Real Problem through the Engineering Design Process: An Integrated STEM Unit
Scholars really enjoyed creating bird feeders for our school garden this week. I think they did a fabulous job! One of my favorite examples: The Tiki Hut Bird Feeder #creativity Building bird feeders was a student generated project. I few weeks ago, scholar...

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Science Meets Storytelling
Classroom teachers know that integrating content areas saves valuable instructional time and also provides a platform for deeper understanding of curriculum standards and concepts. This was certainly true this week as scholars applied what they learned in s...

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Where's the math? Differentiating Math Instruction
I purchased a fun new book last week called Math Potatoes by Greg Tang. The book has a lot of different math riddles about grouping numbers. The riddles in the book are a little too challenging for my first graders. They are not ready for them, yet, but wil...

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Wild Feet
Our latest engineering challenge, Wild Feet , was centered around the idea of biomimicry. Scholars were introduced to the idea that engineers often look to nature to solve problems. In this particular challenge scholars were asked to work with a partner to ...

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Interactive Word Walls
 A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Julie Jackson. Julie has done extensive research on the integration of science and literacy, vocabulary development and strategies for teaching English Language Learners. The specific topic for o...

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Hour of Code
Our class participated in the Global Hour of Code this week. While these kids have been working through since the beginning of the year, they experienced some unique and engaging activities this week! Scholars worked with Roamers (small robots) in ...

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Celebrating Birthdays in First Grade:)
In the past, 1st graders have celebrated their birthdays at school by bringing treats to share with the class...sugar filled, dye infused, character themed confections that put the average 6 year old on a sugar high lasting hours. So, I must admit that I wa...

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Learning about Freedom, Service and Valor
Our school has a school wide assembly every Friday morning. I love that our entire school community comes together in one room for celebrations, recognitions and learning. This week's Friday Assembly was truly something special as we hosted honored guests. ...
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