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Keep the weather in Celsius! That's how it's suppose to be... xD
I've never used Siri but comparing Google Now to S-voice this is much well Google now gives you the option to switch searches when multiple answers are places pictures or web search....this is pretty good....swiping up from the bottom looks better too
I dislike siri but that's just me
Siri works really well for reminders and alarms.  I don't use it for anything else
Mike E
Apple has done great at marketing cool toys, they have strayed from making tools for the masses.  Go Android
Was it me, or did the Galaxy Nexus pronounce "Kobe" as in rhymes with "lobe"?
Im glad to be alive! So many devices and software... xD
Brief test but nonetheless interesting. Thanks
Impressive! I'm not shocked that Google can search better than Apple.
Siri is so much better andriod just copied everyhing apple does first it was a touch screen phone now its a voice assistant and siri had better appearance
Apple did not invent the cell phone, nor did they invent the touch screen our voice search for that matter. Apple stagnates creativity by making a series of cookie cutter products that are overpriced and always a step behind so they can sell you another overpriced item that is still a step behind Android
To call that a 'blowout' to Android is a little far fetched... there was barely a second difference in each test.... Comparing Siri to S-Voice there was a 10+ second lag at times...  this was marginal at best....
+William Braun I really hope you're trolling. Are you not even aware that before Siri was even bought by Apple(no, they didn't invent it, they bought it) Google had something called Voice Actions? Play music, get turn-by-turn navigation, dictate emails, text messages and more just by tapping the microphone and saying a keyword.

Not only that, but the almighty Apple killed features in Siri once they integrated it, can't keep the service up(making people pay for a beta product is so much fun, guys) and took Siri away from the iPhone 4, which was capable of running it and had more features before they made people buy a new phone just to get it back.

On top of all of the above, Google Now(not shown, but awesome feature) is smarter because you don't actually have to ask, it(with your permission) uses information you're choosing to give it. That means a home-grown feature Google made beats the crap out of something Apple bought, crippled and made you pay extra money to get.

Oh and even really low-end Android phones(with specs like the iPhone 3GS) have had free turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation for years. Got anything below a 4S? Tough, Apple's gonna make you upgrade to get it.
Mike E
Did I really see someone say that Apple is original and is ahead of the game?  Seriously?  They have stolen plenty (name iPhone was stolen and Apple paid up the nose), use cheap abused labor to build their product line and answer to wall street just like any other mega corp.  Google at least see and understand the market is moving and shaken.  Apple cares about answering to their stock holders and selling product built on the backs of the crazy & dead ;)
Teniendo en cuenta qeu Google es el lider en cuanto busqueda refiere, me parece de lo mejor que puedan trasladar esa experiencia a Android.
Ayye I'm just not an iPhone type of guy! Android is my type of flavor. #GalaxyNexus
when i saw the title i thought they were gonna make the two robots talk to each other! :)
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