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I'm not anti-Republican, but I've always felt that anyone who signed the 'Tax Pledge' was unfit for duty in government.  Anyone that would agree to raise revenues by closing loopholes but wouldn't consider raising the tax rate when both are doing the same thing (taxing people more) is simply playing a shell game with their constituents, putting their own re-election first and the country's economy a distant second.  

I'd rather see Republicans use this as an opportunity to do some smart cuts to spending that might otherwise be difficult to make.  
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Me too ! However, the mess we are in was brought about because the ones in power made it that way for their own reasons. Not an accident.
+Larry Heilman By chance are you watching the documentary on Showtime titled "Untold History of the United States"?  It is excellent.  Really highlights some of the key decisions that have brought us to now.  It's an Oliver Stone project.
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