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Demonic Patrons for Perdition: Sapralethe
Another demon patron for Courtney Campbell's Perdition. I'm debating between playing a druid and an "inheritor" which is sort of a cleric-equivalent, if clerics were mutant wizard cultists who shot flame from their eyes and had claws. I wanted some high-con...

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Determining Magical Item Components
This one's a fairly simple solution to a fairly common problem. The problem is that some PC wants to create a magic item, and you need a list of components that they need to collect to use as the raw materials for the item, and are sorely lacking in inspira...

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Considerations on Restocking Dungeons
I had a post-game discussion with Courtney the other day about restocking dungeons, and I thought I'd lay out some of the ideas we discussed for your consideration. My basic principle, the one underlying everything else that I'm going to talk about, is that...

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An Updated Version of My Chase Rules
There's been a lot of interest over in the OSR Discord channel about my chase rules. I originally posted them here , but they've since gone through a few updates and slight revisions, so I thought I'd post an updated and clarified version for anyone who'd l...

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Live Settings
I like to do a review and update of the various settings I'm running, planning, designing, etc. This is partially for my benefit, partially for the sake of those interested in them. Fantasy: Moragne (Mongoose Runequest 2)- Dead (since 2009!) and cannibalise...

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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
+C Huth  of The Elder Skull blog and Pelgrane Press, as well as a friend in real life, has very kindly created a one-page version of Into the Depths for your enjoyment using his layout wizardry. I like it a lot. I've also edited the numbering issues on the ...

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Merry Christmas
I decided that rather than struggle doing conversions of various retroclones / neoclones, I might as well just write another one (the first one was Microlite Iron Heartbreakers ). Here it is: Into the Depths . It's free for download and you're welcome to mo...

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Swords and Wizardry Core: A Short Reappraisal
After running somewhere just shy of a hundred sessions using Swords and Wizardry Complete, I find that I'm kind of hankering to go back to Swords and Wizardry Core. It's odd, but compared to the sheer amount of material I see for Complete and for Swords and...

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A Proposal for Cover in Openquest
Cover in Openquest is your main defense against ranged attacks, since you can't dodge them (unless they're thrown weapons). I think with some judicious planning, you can load on enough cover modifiers to make it fairly hard to hit you most of the time (e.g....

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[Review] Into the Odd
Into the Odd is a rules-light OSR adventure game put out by Chris McDowell of Sooga Games . The most notable parts are the surreal 19th century default setting, the lack of attack rolls, the fast character creation and task resolution rules (which require y...
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