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Autumn Milky Way Over Nichols Pond, Vermont, USA
Adam: "I recently spent a few days in Vermont with Michael Blanchette and Benjamin Williamson, chasing the amazing fall colors all over the place. The foliage was at peak color in many places and looked amazing!"
Nikon D810A and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, at f/2.8 and 14mm. This is a blend of 10 images for the sky and 1 image for the foreground. The 10 images were shot at ISO 10,000 for 10 seconds each and stacked with Starry Landscape Stacker to produce a result with pinpoint stars and low noise. A single foreground shot at ISO 1600 for 15 minutes was used to capture detail in the foliage.
Credit: Adam Woodworth
Adam's website:
Location: Nichols Pond, Vermont, United States
Date October 12, 2015

#Space #Astronomy #Science #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Stars #Art
#Photography #Cosmos #Universe #Earth #Vermont #USA

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Nice breakfast, but I'm afraid it's too less.
A B R E A K F A S T with ♥️

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Time to wear trench coats!

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Lovely cat!
Big cats
It includes four feline species in the genus Panthera : the lion (Panthera leo), tiger (Panthera tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus) and the jaguar (Panthera onca). The members of this genus are the only ones able to roar, and this is considered as a feature of the big cats.
All cats are carnivores efficient predators. Its range includes the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Only Oceania and Antarctica have native species of cats or cats.

#Animal #Animals #feline #Wildlife #panthera #Lion #tiger #jaguar 
#América #África #Asia #Europa #bigcats 
#beauty #nature #naturephotography 
#world #Earth #Amazing 
Animated Photo

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Amazing moon!
Super Blood Moon Eclipse Sequence

This image is a multiple exposure blend captured as the moon eclipsed over this dilapidated shack in central Maine, USA - photographed Sept 27 2015, 8PM-2AM. Processed via LR & PS CC.

Foreground & Sky:
Nikon D600 & 14-24mm @ 14mm
f/2.8 - 13 secs - ISO 1600
Moon Sequence:
Nikon D7000 & 70-300mm @ 300mm (450mm equivalent)
f/11 - multiple secs - ISO 200-3200 (changed as the moon changed)

© Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography
Workshops - Presentations - Prints

Cheers! Feel free to share this image if you dig it and thanks for your support.

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Yeah.Green food is good for our health.
Here’s What a Man Consumed and Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine!

Four years ago a young men was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Taking insulin and high blood pressure pills was inevitable.

By consuming raw fruits and vegetables he succeeded in overcoming his illness!

He discovered accidentally only 4 years ago that he had diabetes. Namely, he constantly felt thirst. When he went to the doctor he was in for quite a shock. They measured his sugar to be 29 and they told him that his pancreas was no longer working and that he wouldn’t be able to live without insulin.

He came to terms with his diabetes. Even though he accepted it reluctantly he took insulin regularly and participated in some sports activities. However, over time other medical issues appeared. His triglyceride levels increased up to 16, his pressure was up to 150/100, he drank a lot of pills…

On New Years Eve of 2013 he decided that he had enough illnesses and turned a new page as he said he turned on the TV and saw the show “The Edge of Science” in which the guest was Dr. John Zirdum who for 12 years lived on raw foods.

He watched the show and after giving it some thought he decided to give it a try. He bought a blender and started a new life.

For seven days he had the same temptations and all of them were successfully overcome. In a very short period of time there were the first results. His blood sugar level dropped to 5.

He could not believe it. He decided not to take insulin anymore, because it was only logical that by maintaining such a diet sugar levels were unlikely to increase. He was also thinking that if blood sugar levels were to increase eventually he would take insulin. But all was well. Soon enough he began losing weight.

Every day he weighed a kilo less. For some 25 days he lost 11 kg. Four months have passed since he decided to shift to raw food and he became completely a new man. In addition he no longer uses insulin, his blood pressure is 120/70, his triglycerides level 1.4, he has lost more than 20 kg, he lives without a single pill and feels fantastic.

His favorite juice is the one that contains:
- a handful of kale
- 5 kiwis
- 2 bananas
- 2 apples
- and you pour all of that with half a liter of water

In the morning you should drink half a liter of juice and the rest of it during the day.
Additionally, when you feel hunger you should constantly eat fruit, fruit salads and add tuna as well due to the vitamin B12 which is much needed to the human body.

The point is that there is no hunger, because the brain does not know that the stomach is empty, he gets information through the blood, and in the blood you have everything you need.

From site:

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Beautiful sunset! It seems like standing under heaven~~
Late summer sun
by Piotr Fil
Ruska Wies, Lublin, Poland 
(1600 x 1060)

Copyright © 2015 – Piotr Fil

#nature  #sunset  #Poland
#waterscape  #water  #PL
#river  #sun  #sky  #clouds
#trees  #reflection  #pentax
#sunlight  #outdoor  #serene
#skyline  #PiotrFil  #summer

Location: Ruska Wies, Lublin, Poland

Uploaded on: September 18, 2015

Camera Data
Camera: Pentax K-30
Lens: Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8
Aperture: ƒ/6.3
Exposure: 1/1000 s
Focal Length: 22.0 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Flash: Off, did not fire

© Piotr Fil's website:

Image: 1755

(Click on slideshow to see full resolution)

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