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Steve Hoefer and his sister have figured out what do with all those broken Christmas tree ornaments you inevitably encounter over the course of the holiday season. Read more:

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The Times of India has a nice article about a couple Open Source hand-mounted gadgets this weekend. The hand-mounted mobile phone is a lot of fun, and the other is our Tacit project.

(Note that it says I'm Tokyo-based. Not sure where they got that, I haven't lived in Tokyo since 2008. Everything else is reasonably accurate.)

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Starting a new series of posts to help beginners learn some of the in's and out's of common tools. First up: Wire Strippers, which come in a bewildering assortment of types. We explain the difference between them and why you might want one over the other.

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For the writers (and aspiring writers) out there, I threw together this pretty basic project to track your progress for National Novel Writing Month. Includes a video, instructions, code and even papercraft if that's your thing.

Thanks to +MAKE blog and +Engadget for linking!


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It's always a good sign when you're having so much fun you forget you're making a video. These simple match rockets are just as much fun today as they were when I was a kid.

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I went to the first Cedar Rapids Mini Maker Faire this last weekend and it was every bit as great as the bigger siblings. A day spent talking with a full range of people about that stuff that really motivates them.

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I'm making more circuit boards, so I whipped up this quick template to see just how accurate my etching process is.

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Here's a quick little how-to on marking your tools, both to make it easy to keep yours separate from everyone else's, and to get 'em back if they should be stolen.

Really less of a "how to" and more of a "you should".

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For your calendar: Tinker and Drinker

Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 6:00PM at The Tech Museum in San Jose.
In addition to being exactly what it sounds like, I'll be there with some interactive fun stuff. Other awesome people and things include:
- +Evil Mad Science with Drink Making Unit 2.0
- BioCurious, (Bay Area biohackerspace)
- Cornfield Electronics (TV-B-Gone and more)
- Combots (Premere fighting robot league)
And more!
Plus the rest of The Tech Museum, and booze. Hope you see you there!

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Thanks to Popular Mechanics South Africa for giving Tacit a full page spread the the October issue! (Things like this are the reason you can never take photos/videos that have too much resolution.)
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