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A sinus infection can mimic tooth pain in the upper jaw. Visit your dentist to determine the cause of your tooth pain. Visit or call our office at 416-630-4949 to schedule an appointment. 

Summer brings increased outdoor activity for Adults and Children. If you are involved in contact sports consider fabricating a protective Mouth Guard. Call today to schedule an appointment at 416-630-4949 

For a limited time visit Imperial Street Dental to receive a teeth cleaning and take home whitening kit for $129.
This offer is a limited time offer for new patients and it won't last!!
Maintaining good oral health is key to achieving overall good health by decreasing chances of cardiovascular disease and strokes.
Visit our office at 21 Imperial Street or call 416-630-4949 

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It doesn't hurt me! How can there be a problem? This question resonates through the minds of many patients in many dental offices. Often when a problem in the mouth becomes painful, the treatment options become more difficult, potentially more costly and the possibility of loosing a tooth increases. Dr. J Shainhouse at Imperial Street Dental emphasizes the importance of preventive treatment and routine examinations to catch problems in the mouth early before a larger more serious condition can occur. Haven't been to the dentist for a while. Call our Davisville and Yonge location at 21 Imperial Street. Visit 

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Keeping a glass of water by your bedside in the evening is a good way to prevent dry mouth throughout the night while you sleep. Known as xerostomia, over time can lead to cavities amongst other oral conditions. If you have questions or concerns about dry mouth call our eglington Davisville and Yonge location at 21 Imperial Street. Our Midtown dental location offers convenient hours. Visit 

Today's post resonates the importance of getting a second opinion when presented with a large dental treatment plan which you are uncertain or uncomfortable with. Often, alternative treatments are not presented, and with inexperienced dental practitioners the best option for the patient may not be executed. Today, a patient presented to our office, they had been treatment planned for $3000 worth of dentistry. Then end result, the patient required a filling only costing a fraction of the original estimate. Needless to say the patient was relieved and thankful for getting a second opinion. Looking for a second opinion don't hesitate to call our Davisville and Yonge office. Imperial Street Dental,

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Thinking about whitening your smile! For a limited time receive our exclusive Revolutionary Foam Teeth Cleaning and Whitening system. Love that White Smile and Love My Smile Products, exclusive to Toronto city Dentist Dr. J. Shainhouse.

Drinking alcohol the night before your dental procedure can effect the ability of your dentist to give you profound freezing during you treatment. Interesting in becoming a patient at Imperial Street Dental. Visit our midtown Davisville and Yonge street location or visit

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Bleeding gums can be a sign of underlying periodontal gum disease. Left untreated, this overtime can lead to bone loss of the jaw and eventual tooth loss. Symptoms of periodontal disease are often silent and only in the later stages pain and infection surface. At Imperial Street Dental we
Recommend a periodontal screening for all our new and returning patients.
Caught early, with routine dental cleanings and proper at home maintenance, many of the early signs of gum disease can be reversed. To learn more visit our website at 
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