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Jacob Kloutier
You don't need the 2nd Amendment till you need it.
You don't need the 2nd Amendment till you need it.

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What features do you think this gun would have if made today? 

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+kic Gaming I had that bug with the fast food as well, Found out if I had drinks next to the Order counter it freaked out as you described. This setup however seems to be working without people running away.


Bad Site but interesting story.

Quote "However, a festival-goer with a different viewpoint confronted him, asking to a see a permit, while allegedly claiming to be a federal agent. The man was later arrested and charged with impersonating an officer and false imprisonment."

I wonder what class people went to before talking to me as I open carry. I always get the same questions in the same order:

Is that a real gun?
Are you a cop?

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haha this was great

I stopped carrying!

Well for a little bit anyways.. This year I found that I had high blood pressure and ended up going to the doctor. After talking for a while it was also discovered that I was having anxiety attacks and depression (not the kill my self kind ;)

I sat there with my bottles of pills and looked at them for a while. Not only did I think I was weak because I was given anti-depression/anxiety pills but a big aspect of my life was now in question. Do I carry? Can I carry? What if I have to use my firearm... I could just see it on the news. Depressed guy shoots home visitor because he didn't know him!

To step back a moment when I first started to carry I sat down for a long time and decided "If I carry could I use it? Could I exercise restraint and make snap judgements that would result in life and death" I decided that yes I could.

When I started taking meds I had to make a judgement am I fit to carry? well I felt fine but does that mean my judgment and mindset had shifted? How could I tell? I locked up my guns in the safe and took my pills as prescribed. After a month I spoke with my wife about how I felt, She asked me questions and after we both felt that I was able to carry. so I carried again.

I share this story to pass along my feelings and my experience only. The choice for me to not carry while I adjusted to new meds was one I made for my self. I knew the way I think and reason could change and didn't want any chances to harm my-self, others or the firearm community.

Ok folks I am back. I am sorry I kind of abandon you. I was getting frustrated with posts that I felt set back the Gun Community as a whole and spending my time fighting against it trying to keep this community from devolving. I have been Doxed, attacked and harassed because of the rules that We as the modship created and forced. While people with different views and opinions are welcome the rules where I felt enforced fairly and equally. I took complaints and reviewed every single post that was modded.

I am going to come out of "retirement" and start posting at least I will feel like I am doing my part again. I hope to help bridge gaps between political views and refocus attention on what we all come here to enjoy and learn about. Guns. Thank you Expect a post talking about something personal to me soon.

Fragmentation in the fitness/health application Market?

I am a huge tech guy (yes a pun so kill me) and I am looking over all of the apps it seems that some apps seem to do Food better (myfitnesspal) but does not do exercise well. This one does exercise but does not track blood pressure, Glucose, heart rate, and other health things
I have spent time trying to figure out how to pull data into Health S (Samsung) because it seems to have Exercise, Food, and Health already as options it just sucks trying to manually add them.
Has someone found a solution to this?

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A guy walks into your house uninvited to sell you soap or something.. Are you justified in using lethal force? 

If you went to the Xbox Live School of Debate.. You're gonna have a bad time.
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