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40 year-old Career Lesson on 
Creativity, Risk-Taking and Going for it...
"Nothing's worth doing, unless you take a risk."
How'd you break into acting? "I lied and cheated my way in."
Tim Curry interview, 1975
(I see you shiver with anticipay............tion!)
Plus, his film entrance:

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Your Culture is Your Future:
Don't F It Up!

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3 Simple Q's:
Path to Be Best Manager on the Planet

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3 Awesome Artists at e.g. Conference:
Bringing Creativity to Your Work & Life

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Here's the Best Career Advice EVER...
Then goes deeper from there

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Tribe Members: Many is Good.
True Friends: Hands and Toes Count

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Are you a quiet hero?
Do you know one?
Time to celebrate Quiet Legacies, Quiet Heroes

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Do you have several life- or career-shifting moments per year?
If not, try this… 

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My Seven Life Secrets...
So far...

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This Is All-Too-Often The Case:
When Execs Hide From Their Own People
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