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.LESS™ | Dotless Website Domains™™ | .LESS™ is innovation over .COM
.LESS™ | Dotless Website Domains™™ | .LESS™ is innovation over .COM

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((( Drum roll please for this historical event )))

When you say or hear “search, search online, look up or any similar phrase,” what you really mean is “Search.Less™.”

Introducing the “.LESS Button™”. The button you use to improve your online experience!! Future computer key boards and mobile devices will be upgraded and outfitted with this ultimate button. It’s all about getting instance savings every way imaginable online.

There is something very special and very different about .LESS web site extensions. See more about all the positive things we are doing as a top level domain brand by refining the World Wide Web and purposely making it better for the rest of the century and well into the next.

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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, is the golden rule in when it comes to real estate.

 DOMAIN NAME, DOMAIN NAME, DOMAIN NAME, is the golden rule when it come to the internet.

 Some interesting facts about the internet.

   • Did you know that there was an estimated $56 Billion dollars spent on online advertising in 2013?

   • Did you know that there was an estimated $270 Billion dollars spent on online purchases in 2013?

It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to think that Dot(.)Less Website Domains™ could produce a major portion of these figures within 2-5 years of launch.  Our goal is to become one of the highest producing TLD’s ever. Our unique brand has all the built in features and benefits that consumers and marketers are looking for. 

.LESS is purposely better!™

.LESS™ does not only look and sound great for any web site extension, .LESS™ is everything cutting edge!

".LESS™" is an "Iconic American Brand" that is innovating BIG new opportunities for the internet. Our aim is to grow our "master planned industry" into a multibillion dollar a year marketing machine. The .COM equivalent +1.

We are going to do that by providing everyone more choices and ways to SAVE online by offering you the best deals, sales offers, promotions and advertising options all in one. Our innovations have the ability to improve the internet by ensuring you "LESS" of everything you do not want to increase your download and browsing speeds while saving you bandwidth and data transfer for your home and mobile internet services. Ultimately .LESS web site extensions™ will SAVE you time, money and more. All you need to do is choose a ".LESS" web site domain first for all the incentives!

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.LESS is innovation over .COM | Dot(.)Less Website Domains™

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See more about how these products and services are able to reconfigure the internet in pleasing ways to provide users a better online browsing and shopping experience! |

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1/12/12 - This is a great day in world history! Innovation is the key for a successful future, thank you ICANN and all the supporters out there. New top level domains are exactly what the world needs to spark creativity, innovation, jobs and opportunity. Dot(.)Less Website Domains™ | .LES® is innovation over .COM
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