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Lingerie for all, with
Skinny lingerie models August’s lingerie stories are all about who can,
and can’t wear sexy lingerie. First off, Victoria’s Secret is once again in the
headlines, although not for good reasons. Current ‘Angel’ as the VS models are
called, Elsa Hosk created ...
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Lingerie’s naughtiest underwear stories for July
Getting lingerie right for your partner Yes, we’ve got our headline right, we don’t mean
‘getting the right lingerie for your partner’ we mean getting lingerie right
for your partner. So what are we talking about? Well over at Redbook , a man has written a
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Lingerie censorship, website fails and top tips for summer underwear
Underwear fines for Turkish TV Turkish television has recently fined two of its
TV channels for ‘endangering youth morals’. What did they do - show Last Tango
in Paris or the ‘underwear’ highlights from Big Brother? Nope, they were giving
a telling off for ...
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Underwear for photo shoots and drinking at home - May’s amazing lingerie stories!
How to do
Finnish drinking in your underwear Most of us will
have tried for some hygge this Christmas - it’s that untranslatable Danish
habit of enjoying the simpler pleasures of life and it was a huge meme
throughout the festive season. But just recently t...
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Lingerie trends, lingerie models, lingerie browsing …
You’d be amazed the things we end up looking at in our search for all things lingerie to bring to our amazing underwear customers!  This month we’ve got high finance, older models and an insight into what women in India are meant to be doing when they are a...
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Lingerie exhibitions, myths and colours of the year
In Shelburne County, Nova Scotia lingerie and
other underwear will be taking centre stage at a local exhibition called
Underneath It All which will uncover a century of women’s North American underwear
from 1860 to 1960. Exhibition curator Allison Burnett i...
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Brag it like Beyoncé and what to expect from your new lingerie
When Queen B announced she was expecting twins,
the world went a little insane. The photograph of her in powder blue panties
and a burgundy bra (and veil) is now the most popular Instagram picture ever
with more than 8.5 million likes. The iconography of th...
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Lingerie research and resolutions
January is all about research and resolutions
when it comes to lingerie - first up, which students are most likely to be
wearing sexy underwear? As a result of a poll, it turns out that
Cambridge University students have the greatest tendency to wear sensua...
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Celebs in lingerie - when it’s okay and when it’s not
It is not okay to use Marilyn Monroe to
promote your panties So, who do you think would be the perfect face
of a lingerie brand? Did you say Marilyn Monroe? Of course, she’d be in most
people’s top three … the sexiest woman in the world in poll after poll a...
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Lingerie experiments, underwear fails and reader query
You can conduct experiments in your
underwear! We loved Ceilidhe Wynn’s blog post about
wearing lingerie to bed for a week … it was an amazing and realistic account of
what it’s like to be a mum, to be in a long-term relationship, to be not
entirely confide...
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