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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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ExoPlayer v2 released!
The ExoPlayer library a customizable and extensible alternative to the built-in MediaPlayer APIs that provides a consistent API for streaming audio and video across all API 16+ devices.

ExoPlayer v2 includes significant architectural improvements and new features such as:
- A VideoView equivalent in SimpleExoPlayerView
- Gapless audio playback
- Playlist Support
- MediaSource composition to support side-loading subtitles, looping videos, or concatenating multiple sources
- Improved Audio extension APIs with pre-built extensions for ffmpeg, opus, and flac
- Seeking in live playback for DASH and SmoothStreaming sources
- A greatly simplified demo app

All in addition to ExoPlayer’s existing support for DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playback.

If you’re building a new media app, we recommend building on ExoPlayer v2. For those who are using ExoPlayer 1.X, you can include both 1.X and 2.X in your app (due to a different package name), allowing you to test and migrate your users with minimal impact.

Follow the ExoPlayer blog for all of the details:
And start using ExoPlayer:

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Wrote a simple tutorial for developing an Android app with Retrofit, Realm and Recycle view Summary link : Full tutorial : #gde #android #tutorial 

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Delivered the Media Best Practices recap talk at Google I/O Extended Event in Seoul #gde #Android #techtalk

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Highly recommend this Nano degree to beginners!
Android Basics Nanodegree

Whew, what a launch day! Seeing the news headlines + tweets about learning Android with no coding experience seems so surreal. In the past, it was expected that you had Java programming experience (or at least some coding experience) before you could begin learning Android.

But if it requires sitting through a 4-year CS degree to build a mobile app, how are we ever going to have the life-saving apps in the world that we need? I have a soft spot for mobile health apps. Getting people the precise health information they need, can potentially drastically improve their lives. Which means we need more people with diverse backgrounds to also be able to build an app!

With some of the most passionate people in education and tech at Google and Udacity, we took on the daunting task to make it happen - not knowing if it would even be possible! We tried every trick we knew to make it accessible and easy to understand as possible. But the most humbling part of it all was testing the content on potential students. When you see the looks of confusion on their faces as you rattle off some buzzwords, you realize all the unconscious barriers that we (who are familiar with the technology) put up for beginners to overcome. o.O

I have been learning so much about teaching and student motivation through this process (had no formal training before, so I’m just winging it lol). Luckily, folks around me are fantastic at instructional design. We tried to build in quick wins, make it highly visual with diagrams and green Androids bouncing across the page, create a vocab glossary, come up with everyday analogies that people could relate to, and went through public speaking training to make it engaging.

Still too early to tell how things are going. But we have student stories from those who have already completed the Android for Beginners course, which is the first part of the Nanodegree. And so far, the stories have been absolutely heartwarming! Check out this one from Wendy + Katia.

Access the free courses or enroll in the Nanodegree #androidforall

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Thanks for joining us for yet another amazing Google I/O celebration! #io16 #thatsawrap 

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My talk about ExoPlayer and Adaptive Streaming Protocols at Google Developers Summit @Seoul #gde   #Android   #techtalk  

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Android Studio 2.0 has been promoted to a stable release!

Android Studio 2.0 is focused on build performance, with brand new features like Instant Run and the new & dramatically faster emulator.

Update your version of Android Studio now, to take advantage of all the new features.

Not using Android Studio? There’s never been a better time to start.

We’ve been testing this release in Canary and Beta for months, so we’re excited that it’s now ready for use by all Android developers.


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Android N Preview Presentation at GDG Korea Meetup  #gde #Android   #Techtalk  

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AsyncTask is awesome, but far from a silver bullet; there’s a few nuances and tricks that come alongside this handy helper, which if you don’t pay attention to, can lead to memory leaks, headaches, and other sorts of craziness. Learn more in this video with +Colt McAnlis #Perfmatters
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