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Passionate Seeker, Professional Tinkerer, Pathological Change Agent
Passionate Seeker, Professional Tinkerer, Pathological Change Agent


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Great interview. We're looking forward to Jon hitting 2,000 votes, and getting started on the publication journey.
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After 10 years of hard work, and a lot of waiting, the conclusion to The People of the Sign trilogy is FINALLY available on Amazon. The link below should take you there, even though when I posted it before it said "Robot Check" - and I assume it will do so again...
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After 10 years of working and waiting, The Rod of Iron is FINALLY available for Pre-order on
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Great little Harry Potter Story by Rohini Singh! Check out the original post, +1 and Share to cast your vote for it.
+Rohini Singh entry to the Harry Potter Fans Christmas Writing Contest!

Christmas at Hogwarts

It was two days before Christmas and the students of Hogwarts were busy decorating their Common Rooms for the annual Spell House Decorating Competition. Professor McGonagall started this contest for students to practice spells that they did not take seriously earlier in the year.

Hermione scyncronicitus spell worked perfectly. The decorative balls on her garland all spun simultaneously clockwise, and blinked white twice, then spun anti-clockwise, and blinked red twice, to the rhythm of “Jingle Bells”. Fred and George conjured a repetitioso spell producing a snowman melting before a fire. It continually reformed and melted again. The noise in the room rose and subsided depending on the anxiety and anticipation amongst the various groups of students.

Harry and Ron were on their way to the kitchen for a mid-morning snack. Hearing voices, they proceed cautiously to discover Professor Snape and Argus Filch in the adjacent corridor near the Great Hall.

“Did you complete the job?” Snape asked.

“Yes, sir! Slaughtered all five of them.” Filch replied in a joyous tone. Harry’s eyes widened and Ron’s jaw dropped. Ron leaned against the wall and whispered to Harry, “Slaughtered?”

“Good!” Snape declared and the both men departed in opposite directions. With a trembling hand, he brushed back his black hair from his forehead and rubbed his scar. Ron squeezed Harry’s arm as goose bumps erupted throughout his body.

Harry and Ron froze as Filch walked passed them and growled to acknowledge their presence. There was a sparkle in his eyes that neither Harry nor Ron had seen before. The lines on his face seemed more pronounced and in his left hand was a knife, stained with blood.

“What just happened?” Harry asked Ron.

“Isn’t it obvious!” Ron replied. “Snape had Filch kill five people!”

“Yeah! I know! We have to tell Hermoine.”

“I always knew Snape was capable of doing horrible things, but murder?” Ron declared. Forgetting about their hunger, the boys retreated to the Common Room. They got Hermoine and ventured out some distance along the corridor for privacy. After relating what they heard and saw, Hermoine asked, “You’re both sure about this? And it was not your hunger talking? Ron you have hallucinated before with hunger.” Ron rubbed his stomach and screwed his face when he realized that he was even more hungry.

“That knife was no hallucination, Hermoine. I saw it too.” Harry responded.

“Do you know who he killed? And where the bodies are?” Hermione asked.

“No, we did not hear anything about that.” Harry commented.

“We have to tell someone!” Ron declared, still rubbing his stomach.

“Dumbledore is not here. I believe he’ll be back tomorrow. Besides, we cannot incriminate Filch or Snape without proof.” Hermione stated.

“Let’s go to McGonagall. She’s in charge when Dumbledore is away. We can at least warn her.”

“Warn me about what, Mr Weasley?” asked Professor McGonagall, who suddenly appeared behind them. She adjusted her spectacles and turned her attention to Ron, “Is there something you wish to tell me, Mr. Weasley?” Ron gasped several times before saying, “Professor, five people have been murdered…”

“Murdered? Good heavens, who?”

“Don’t know as yet, but…”

“And where did this happen?” Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows on awe.

“Don’t know either.” Ron replied.

“Did you witness these murders?”

“No, ma'am.”

“Mr. Weasley, I don’t have time for your foolish games! If there have been multiple murders we will hear about them in time. Now I suggest you three head back to the Common Room and make sure that Gryffindor wins this competition a third time, instead of making up stories.”

The next day, Harry, Ron and Hermoine headed down to Hagrid’s cottage after breakfast. “Hagrid gets around a lot, surely, he must have heard something!” Harry deducted. On their way out they crossed paths with Professor Snape in the yard. He greeted them with his usual harsh expression and intense stare, but did not say anything. The three of them felt more uncomfortable than usual in his presence. Ron turned around to watch him as he continued on his way. “Even on the hottest summer day he will still be cold blooded!” he declared.

Hagrid answered the door and hurried them inside. He wore a huge pair of ruffled gloves, which held a small, grey animal with black, beady eyes that appeared to be covered in slime.

“Is that a smileball?” Hermoine asked.

“Why yes, it is!” Hagrid replied. “Slippery little critter, this one. He got away when I opened the cage to feed ‘em.” Hagrid quickly returned the slimeball into the cage that contained three other slimeballs.

“They’re so sweet!” Hermoine stated.

“Oh, don’t let ‘em fool you. It’s bite can knock you out for several hours!” After securing the cage, he asked, “Now what brings you here this early?”

“Hagrid, have you heard of any killings that happened yesterday morning?” Harry asked.

“Yesterday? Who’s been killed?” Hagrid asked.

“We don’t know. We were hoping you might have heard something.” Ron added.

“Can’t say I have. Been at the pub last night and there was no talk of murder.”

“Hagrid, Ron and I heard Filch telling Snape about slaughtering all five of them!” Harry continued.

“Filch? Killing people? I don’t think so. Besides, he was busy yesterday morning, killing turkeys for the Christmas lunch. He usually puke after killing the second one, so Snape gave to potion to complete the job.” Hermoine laughed and asked, “Hagrid, how many turkeys did Filch kill yesterday?”

“Five, one for each of the houses and one for the head table.”

“So, I guess it’s safe to say then, that the killings were the turkeys?” Hermoine asked.

“Well, that certainly explains the blood on the knife.” Harry added. Hermoine continued laughing.

On Christmas Eve night, three officials from the Ministry of Magic inspected the spell decorations in Common Rooms. Professor McGonagall was ecstatic when Gryffindor won the contest once again. Harry and Ron did not have much appetite for turkey during the Christmas lunch.


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Important history
New vid! The Truman Doctrine Explained. Watch as Harry dumps ice on the fires of the Cold War.
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Interesting history on the distinction between Federal and State ownership / authority
How cows and turtles led to a takeover of a Federal facility in Oregon by a "militia".
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Thank you, Keith!
New Vid! FDR takes on ALF and creates an electoral massacre unseen in American history.
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Mr. Hip with another great learning experience in his excellent series.
Stay cool with Coolidge as we take a looksy at the Election of 1924 & the last Conservative Dem candidate.
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Wow - the most educational two minutes you'll experience this month
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