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Handmade rugs are the best ones to get to know the hard work behind every fabric of the rug. Get yourself one of the best handmade rugs from Rug Ninja and improve the decor of your otherwise dull wooden flooring. Visit our website now.


When we talk about the classic rugs, the flat woven and cotton braided rugs always come into the topic. These classics paved the path for the best rugs to follow suit. Get yourself a comfortable flat woven rug that will provide you warmth. Visit Rug Ninja website to get one at the best prices.

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Braided rugs provide a great rustic feel to the flooring when used. It is a pleasant sight to anyone who enters your house or office. Get the earthy flavors of braided rugs at Rug Ninja. You can use them anywhere from your home to your office and enhance the décor by many folds.


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White area rugs are subject to getting dirty soon, but these classics are the ones which get the most attention. It often shows that you are much of a responsible person for sporting whites. Have a look at the various patterns we have on the lines of white that are going to impress your guests the moment they enter. Visit our website for more details.


Radici is one of the most popular rug brands in the US. It is more than 50-year-old rug manufacturer who has some celebrated rugs of Italian origin. Rug Ninja offers great deals on the legendary rug brand. Visit our website to get the best deal on the fines Radici rugs.

A set of rules and principles mark the trait of someone who likes the color blue. If you belong to this group, you would like to get our blue and ivory rugs that will resonate with your personality. Visit our website Rug Ninja and get the best rug to suit your need.

Jaipur Rugs Blue-Ivory: Select from wide range of En Casa Rugs of LSF06 Blue And Ivory color. Add style and color to any room with our home decor products!

Nourison 3000: This breathtaking floral and diamond design is beautifully bordered and presented in the traditional Persian style in regal shades red, gold, beige, taupe, copper, rose and olive.

Home & Porch is a beautiful and elegant collection produced to be a wonderful addition to any room in your home yet durable enough to be used outdoors.

One of the best shapes that you can ever find around is the octagon shape rug. It is unique and grabs the attraction easily. You would love to get this shape on your floor and exude the unique persona.

Visit our website to know more.

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