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Unforgettable communication skills that will set your ideas free…
Unforgettable communication skills that will set your ideas free…

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What Do Product Managers Have To Do To Win The At-Home Soda Wars?

I believe that I drink too much soda every day. Due to the fact that I live in America, the land of excess, I can easily drink over 104oz (roughly 3 liters) of the stuff a day. My sofa of choice is Coke 0 which means that I’m probably not getting any calories or any carbs, but still, there is no way that drinking that much of anything can be good for you. Anyone who drinks soda knows something else, there is a cost associated with buying and drinking a lot of soda. If only there was some way for us to enjoy our soda but do so at a cheaper price…

Tags: CO2, Coke-Cola, Keurig, raspberry lychee rose lime basil, SodaStream, Waters Line, yuzu mandarin

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Do Bitcoin Miners Need Product Managers?

Have you hear about bitcoins? It’s the craziest thing – people are in the process writing their own product development definition and inventing a brand new currency! This currency has no ties to any government or country. The whole thing “lives” in the minds of the computers who together make up the Internet. The math behind it is a tad complex, but it seems to be growing in popularity and, more importantly, you can actually buy things using bicoins. Microsoft recently announced that they would accept bitcoin in payment for their products. What does all of this mean for product managers?

Tags: bitcoins, capacity, cryptocurrency, currencies, data center, exchange rate, math problem

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IT Managers Know That The Best Employees Know How To Fail

Managing an IT team has always been a challenge and with the recent economic challenges that every firm has faced, it has become harder. What IT managers are discovering is the members of their team are shell shocked. They are stuck in survival mode in which they are trying to keep their heads down just in case there is going to be another round of layoffs. As an IT manager, you are going to have to use your IT manager skills to do something about this…

Tags: afraid, breakthroughs, cautious, chances, creative, decisions, fail, growth, ideas, innovation, risk, survival mode, Tags failure

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Become A Chameleon In Your Next Negotiation

I’ve got a difficult request for you. The good news is that if you can find a way to follow my instructions, you’ll become a better negotiator. What I’m going to want you to do is to be yourself in your next negotiation. However, at the same time I’m going to want you to be like a chameleon and blend into the negotiation. Think that you can do both at the same time?

Tags: chameleon, environment, false, genuine attributes, humor, imitate, personal style, style

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IT Managers Need To Understand Just Exactly What Critical Thinking Is

As an IT manager, you’d really like use your IT manager skills to have the best possible team working for you. Where things can get a bit tricky is when we try to define just exactly what we mean by “the best possible team”. If you take a look at a modern IT job posting, there is a very good chance that you are going to run across the phrase “must have good critical thinking skills”. That sounds great, but what are we really looking for when we say that?

Tags: critical thinking, multiple sources, opinion, problem solvers, problem-solving skills, skills, solve problems

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What Google’s CIO Can Teach Us About Becoming Better CIOs

This CIO job never came with any instructions. Now that we have the CIO job, we are expected to know what to do, when to do it, and who to involve in doing it. I can only speak for myself, but I sure would like to have the opportunity to talk with someone who really knew what they were doing. Somebody like Ben Fried, Google’s CIO, probably does know what he’s doing. Maybe he’d be willing to share some of his insights with us…

Tags: Ben Fried, BYOD, Google, patriarchal, productivity, rigid, support, technology

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How To Get An Audience To Believe What You Are Saying

So why do you bother to give speeches? If you are like the rest of us, you understand the importance of public speaking and feel that you know something that will be of value to your audience and you are willing to share it. Deep down inside, a small part of you hopes that by going to all of the effort of giving this speech you’ll be able to change the world even if it is only in some small way. Well I’ve got some news for you. This isn’t going to happen if your audience doesn’t believe you. Do you know how to make that happen?

Tags: affirmation, believe, follow up, Listen, objective, overload, proactively, trust

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Paper Trail: How Product Managers Saved The Company

Welcome to the 21st Century. There are a lot of products that, despite having had a good product development definition at one time, have gone away in this modern age: the horse whip, typewriters, and, in some cases, paper. The arrival of computers and smart phones would seem to have made a lot of the things that we used to use paper for no longer matter. That’s the problem that a paper company’s product managers were facing: nobody wanted to buy their product any more!

Tags: bet, change, market, product, rescue

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Good Negotiators Know To Always Keep A Door Open

What’s your approach to negotiation styles and negotiating techniques? Are you an “all in” sort of person? Are you out to “win” this negotiation no matter what the cost to either you or the other side turns out to be? I’ve got some issues with negotiators who take that position, but if this is the path that you choose to follow, then you need to be aware of one very important thing that you need to do in your next negotiation: you’ve always got to leave a way out of the negotiation.

Tags: backdoor, come back, concession, corner, intentional misrepresentation, lied to, losing face, reopens, Tags save face

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IT Managers Have To Learn To Talk About Security Simply

IT managers have discovered that security in all of its different forms, application, network, etc., has become a part of every project that we work on. This security stuff is complex and it seems to be constantly changing. What this means is that on top of securing our company and its IT assets, we have another job that requires our IT manager skills: keeping everyone else informed about what’s going on in the world of IT security.

Tags: bridge, complexity, jargon, partnership, security, simplification
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