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Loving life in the middle of the forest!
Loving life in the middle of the forest!


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Updates From Peaceful Forest Homestead
I have badly neglected this blog. Not that I meant to. No, I have just had so many things taking me away from my writing. Even my other blogs were neglected. I am trying to remedy that. It seems like summer just started and it is already over with. Not that...

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A Woman's Perspective
1999 A woman's perspective on living-off-the-grid? Sure, I can tell my perspective, but it may not be the same as other women's experiences. I had a reader ask me for "a woman's perspective on living-off-the-grid" and to write it as a blog post here. When I...

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katlupe's Thoughts For The Future
Leaves Changing Color and Falling As summer slips into fall, I contemplate some changes I am making in my life. In the course of uncluttering my house, I was selling items on eBay. Yes, I sold off a lot of things, but the time and money spent on eBay was no...

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Biker Music Video, Riding
I wanted to share my husband, Larry Lupole's new video, Riding. He filmed this video while riding his motorcycle. It was a process doing this because he had to stop to come home to edit it in the computer before going on with it. I think he did a wonderful ...

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Social Interation
Social Interaction Many studies are cited that state people who are loners or introverts without much social interaction die younger than others who are more social. I do not believe those studies one bit. I see more stress and anger created by social inter...

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Heat And Eat Meals For The Home Canner
My New Pressure Canner Works Great!   I have been canning my garden produce for many years now. But I don't stop there. Canning meat or produce that I didn't grow myself is something I do often too. Canning for me is essential to the life of being a "modern...

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A Case Protects My Kindle Fire!
My Kindle Fire After having my new Kindle Fire for a month, I can still say, that I love it and have not found one problem with it. It works like an absolute charm. I have always read a lot, but I am reading twice as much now. Finding books in Amazon's kind...

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Changes In My Life
The road to my home goes through the state forest. I have seen many changes in my life over the years. Even if you do not live a long life, that holds true for everyone. Life would be pretty boring if changes did not take place. Looking at a person in their...

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Thoughts of My Child
Child There
are times I look at my child, And
think of the pain of a lonely pregnancy; how
unsure I was of myself, how
scared and alone I felt. I
see my little boy, wishing
he had a father, to
help him fix a toy truck; to
teach him to hit a ball, to
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