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Learn Marketing Online with Make Marketing Work

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Marketing Tips Course - It’s All About Value

Reasons to read this Marketing Tip –

1. You’ll learn one of the most important marketing concepts on earth
2. When you see how this works you’ll be able to start making changes fast
3. Using this marketing principle costs no extra money – it’s a matter of choice

Full Tip Here -

As we talked about in last week’s email (your very first Marketing Tip Weekly Email) you need to start your journey into marketing by keep your eyes focused on PROFIT.

That’s your number one goal in each and every marketing output, channel, platform or campaign. Always approach marketing with the aim of working to a profit margin. The more you do the more profit your business makes.

Of course you need to remember that some marketing channels produce long-term gains, but you should still focus your efforts (and budget) on direct response marketing.

In this marketing tip we’re going to look at what really makes marketing work. This concept is an absolute foundation principle and if you get this, and I mean really get this, then you’ll go on to become a top marketeer.

In fact, you might think it strange (and some have even said I’m mad) to give you this information up front. Well, it’s so important that you know why this principle is going to be valuable to you.

As you take small steps forward, and some big ones too, I hope, you’ll learn how this idea can really change things for you.

Let me walk you through the steps…

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How to Get Started with Email Marketing

If you're thinking that you could be missing out with email marketing here's news about a business training event coming up in Norwich next month.

#emailmarketing   #courses  
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Promoting Your UK Business Through Effective Marketing

Evening folks,

When promoting your business no matter where you are within the UK you will always need a solid knowledge base for your Marketing.

The Team have just put together 52 email tips one a week that can come straight to your inbox FREE of charge. These tips will help you manage to keep on top of your marketing in small bite size manageable chunks.


#smallbusiness #marketingstrategy #tipsandtricks 

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Weekly Marketing Tips Straight To Your Inbox

Good Evening Guys,

Together with the team Make Marketing Work have complied 52 emails one a week to help you with your marketing.

I strongly recommend you check it out.

#smallbusiness   #marketingstrategy   #tipsandtricks  

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Weekly Marketing Email Tips Now Available

Good Evening Folks,

Over the last few weeks the team and I have been developing our weekly email tips.......

 I've had enough of people posting myths on internet marketing and leading people astray so here is my solution.

Once a week every week I will be sending out an email about different marketing topics and offering useful relevant content which can improve your businesses marketing performance.

Please check out the page and get signed up.

Have a great weekend!
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Evening Guys,

Just wanted to quickly share with you an article the team have just written. 

We here at +Make Marketing Work are huge fans of starts ups and people with entrepreneurial spirit! This is why I want to share this with you.

So many people when starting out in business neglect doing their marketing properly. I can assure you apart from knowing your numbers marketing is the second most important aspect.

So here's my promise to you guys; 

Have a look at this article, see what you think and download the FREE workbook. Once you have seen how interesting everything in here is get in touch and we will go from there.

On behalf of +Make Marketing Work I would like to wish each and every single one of you all the best for your start ups and would like to remind you that we are only a community away!

P.S If you have any questions about your marketing you are unsure about we have also set up this very useful twitter feed:

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Kick Start your Marketing This Summer

With the kids about to break up from school, you will want to be pushing your marketing to one side and spending some time with them?

But we all know that this is an unrealistic choice.

However there is an alternative. I have complied a crash course collection of marketing workbooks, that if you started today by the end of the month you could seriously think about spending some more time with the kids!

More about the Course

This Online Marketing Course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of effective marketing. Carefully structured to introduce you the most important elements that will help you understand how Sales and Marketing really work in any business.

This Programme has been written by our very own +Nial Adams  and has been specifically created for the business owner or manager who wants to get better results, fast.

Perhaps you've never really taken marketing seriously and realise that now is the time to take action and learn the tips and tricks of the professional marketer.

You’ll learn how to take back control of your business and start to see profits increase while you control and direct your marketing in the most appropriate way for your business.

Oh and before I forget to mention....

This one is FREE!

Have the holiday you deserve!

#marketing   #salestips  
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Do you ever get stuck when it comes to your marketing?

Perhaps you know you've got a great product or service but you struggle to find the right people to buy from you?!  No matter what you try you just can’t find enough customers… if so, you’re not alone!  In fact, you’re just like the majority of businesses out there!

In over twenty years in business I've met thousands of business owners, mostly from the SME sector.  A very large proportion of these people all struggle with one common difficulty; knowing how best to take their product or service into the marketplace and make marketing a profitable exercise.

When it comes to marketing it’s not just about knowing how you want your logo to look or what you want people to read on your website; in fact, it’s far more fundamental than that.

Very few business owners, and especially the ones who are in their first venture, have ever been taught the basic mechanics of good marketing practice, things like:

Knowing how to clearly define and communicate your product or offer, so people understand what you’re all about…

Learning how to build a simple ‘customer journey’ through your marketing so people can make a quick and confident buying decision about your products or services…

Being aware of how you can use a simple calculation to work out how much you should be spending on marketing and getting profitable results…

Understanding why a simple marketing plan will keep you on track and ensure you can produce consistent and measurable results…

I've seen lots of good businesses struggle on in the hope that things will change; off course they often do, unless the business owner/manager is prepared to do something different.

Even more importantly, it’s amazing to think that good marketing, the sort that puts money into your business and not just take it out, is actually really very simple when you know how.

I was very fortunate that I had the benefit of one of Europe’s top marketing experts (specialising in small business) to teach and mentor me over two years.  He taught me the simple mechanics and fundamentals of good solid marketing and sales.  That knowledge has earned me thousands of pounds, and even more importantly, my clients hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Now I want to share this with you… and show you how knowledge and the right application of these principles can create fast improvements in your business.

This is simple knowledge about good business practice that every small business owner/manager can benefit from.  And just like my clients who've adopted these and seen the results for themselves, you can learn how to build a better and more successful business.

If what I've said above makes sense, if it prompts you to want to find out more and if you’re curious that there could be knowledge out there that will help you to become even more successful, then I’d like to make this offer to you;

Head over to Make Marketing Work and grab yourself a Free copy of the first Module for this marketing course online. The Introduction will show you how you can make quick and powerful changes to your marketing.

Nial Adams

Get your Free Trial Copy Here -

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Make a Flying Start with Your Marketing in the next 90-Days

The Flying Start Marketing Challenge with Nial Adams – Take up the 90-Day Start Marketing Challenge and grow your marketing impact and results in the next 3 months.

“What would it be like if you could benefit from an experienced Business Mentor personally guiding you for the next 90-days?”

Well, I’m offering just six places on my next Flying Start Marketing Programme of 2014 with a very special opportunity for us to work together on your marketing.

Read more now about Flying Start Marketing Challenge…

For January I've launched a new way to get structured learning AND have my personal support as you progress through the programme at your own pace. I've designed this to help you maximise what you need to learn, how to apply it and the best way to have my support, right where you need it.

This programme gives you three vital elements to help you learn how you could be marketing your business effectively in the months ahead.

This includes:

1. Structured Learning - You’ll have full access to the entire Make Marketing Work Online Training Course. This programme comprises 5 Modules, 15 Sections and 11 Workbooks. I’ll help you decide where you need to start and what’s most relevant to you.

2. Personal Mentoring - We’ll work together over 90-Days with weekly Mentoring Skype (or telephone calls) to focus on what you really need to in order to get started. I’ll help you progress through your learning and answer your questions.

3. Powerful Resources - As part of the Programme I’ll also provide you with tools and resources, as well as access to my personal contacts and professional providers. Helping you to get there faster.
You can take up the Challenge and join the Programme with monthly a small monthly cost, or take advantage of the Early Bird Offer and save and extra £97 – getting the full online course and learning materials for free.

Places for the next Programme, are strictly limited to six places and will go quickly. Find out more here – Get a Flying Start. Or call to discuss where you’re stuck with marketing and why you feel you need some help.

Call me now – 0843 289 3095 and let’s chat, or drop me an email –

#marketinghelp   #mentoring  
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Why Branding your business may be more important (and simpler) than you thought...
Does Branding Really Matter?

I’d like to think by now that you understand that #branding is so much more than just a #logo. In fact, branding is becoming more and more important when it comes to business. Not only is it the way that our customers recognise us, it’s also how reputations are built and extra net worth is added to companies.

There are a few great articles on this that I wanted to share with you below, to illustrate how this is not something that is going away.

If you have not yet considered what your #brand is and have a plan in place to maintain it, develop it and ensure others are sticking to your brand guidelines too, then you seriously need to start paying it some attention… like now!

“Brand drives the heart of the world’s most successful organisations. John Lewis, Apple, Virgin and Disney for example, are all businesses with a clear brand proposition that not only informs how they look and communicate but how they operate, which decisions they make and how. Brand exists at the top table, within these companies giving them purpose and direction, and not as an additional responsibility of the marketing department.” (taken from this article: – I recommend you read it in full)

Big companies know that their brand is hugely important and they have very strict #BrandGuidelines to ensure that their brand is consistent across the globe and comes across in all that they do.
The BBC know that their brand is one of their most valuable assets and that it needs to be protected and kept consistent in order to hold and grow it’s potential and power:

“The BBC brand is our most valuable asset, recognised worldwide for world-class programmes and broadcasting excellence. The BBC name and visual identity are critical to sustaining this recognition and as such must be used with care to protect the BBC’s reputation and integrity.”

Consider this: WhatsApp has a revenue of £14million and pretty much no profit. It has a staff of 50 and has 450million users – however it recently sold for £12billion! The fact that it is so well known, is much loved by its users and continues to grow, added massive value to the business and its brand.

“In fact, our survey found that B-to-B purchasing decision makers consider the brand as a central rather than a marginal element of a supplier’s value proposition.  Our survey found that decision makers say that brand is almost as important as the efforts of sales teams in encouraging them to make out a purchase order. In the US, for example, brands are seen as having an 18% share in the purchasing decision, compared to the 17 percent tied up in the sales effort.”

The above snippet is taken from this article: from Forbes, which goes into more detail about just how important branding is becoming for B2B and I believe this also applies to B2C too.

Whichever way you slice it, branding is becoming more and more important for successful business.

YOUR brand is important and should be high on your list of priorities in everything that you do with your business from your staff uniform and the way the phones are answered, through to your promotional materials and web presence.

Build your brand and you add massive value to your business and your clients too as a clear brand gives a clear identity and we’re all much better able to connect with your business if we understand what it’s all about. And connection is massively important in building a strong, supportive, brand-loving customer base.

Not really sure where to start with your own branding? I’d love to help you! :)
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