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I still have to see any advantage of pulseaudio that isn't in fact an artificial restriction on alsa, like intel removing the alsa sound driver from bluez 5.0 (and even that has now been fixed -
But I still see a lot of disadvantages of using that overengineered, resource hungry, poor excuse for a sound server - stuttering, latency, huge CPU usage, memory usage, etc. Of course, the "it works for me" crowd will continue denying that pulseaudio is anything but perfect.

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Wow... Never thought that a mozilla dev would admit that they actively ignore users that refuse to be spied.
So, now you know - if you disable telemetry/spyware, you don't count and they feel to be their right to fuck you up.
#firefox #spyware #telemetry

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Good news, the first of the fascists to go to elections after Brexit didn't win, and the left had a huge rise. Maybe the left will now understand it is time to have ideals and to start changing the EU into a more socialist (sweden style) community?
“The Netherlands, after Brexit, after the American elections, said ‘Whoa’ to the wrong kind of populism,” Mr. Rutte told a wildly enthusiastic crowd, excited that his party, the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, had come in first among the parties and lost fewer seats than it had feared.

“Today was a celebration of democracy, we saw rows of people queuing to cast their vote, all over the Netherlands — how long has it been since we’ve seen that?” Mr. Rutte said.

Alexander Pechtold, the leader of Democrats 66, which appeared to have won the most votes of any left-leaning party, struck a similar note underscoring the vote as a victory against a populist extremist.

“During this election campaign, the whole world was watching us,” Mr. Pechtold said. “They were looking at Europe to see if this continent would follow the call of the populists, but it has now become clear that call stopped here in the Netherlands.”

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Time to remove firefox. At least there is pale moon.

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Remember when Microsoft started pushing UEFI/"Secure" Boot? Guess who wants to use that as an excuse to force out grub and what is proposed to replace it?
If these guys weren't so predictable it would even be funny...

#systemd #propaganda

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When KDE becomes as user unfriendly as gnome...


I guess i'll stick to WMs on a non-systemd distro from here on out. The DE devs have jumped the shark in paternalism...

More clear evidence of censorship. My public posts here on G+ can only be seen by people logged in/in my circles. If I check someone else public posts, most/all are visible, only mine give error 404. Seems like I upset a systemd zealot too many... 

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When even systemd fans become disillusioned with the "my way or the highway" approach.
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