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For #streetartsunday , curated by +Luís Pedro, +Peter Tsai and +Mark Seymour.

Hello kids
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Andy Q.
"Inspired by..." for sure.;)
Andy Q.
Edith, hehe, nein, am Donaukanal.;)
Like. Yes. The way I like dental work. 
Aiieeeeeee!! runs screaming away from monitor
Clown faces with dripping fangs are now sure to invade my dreams nightmares tonight...
Andy Q.
Sorry Nancy.;)
He doesn't mean it. He's not sorry at all. 
Andy Q.
+Kiki Nelson, I figured as much... I mean, who posts a photo of something like that and isn't secretly loving the image of all of us getting all freaked the heck out in front of our monitors?!
Andy Q.
Ja, sieht man.:) Na, ich glaub nicht, dass die so bald abgetragen wird. Unter Umständen könnts halt sein, dass was neues drübergesprüht wird, aber ich weiß nicht wie häufig das passiert.
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