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Kimberley Lovell
Spiritual Intuitive Healer, Coach, Business Mentor & Trainer
Spiritual Intuitive Healer, Coach, Business Mentor & Trainer


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Remembering She

She who has a thousand names

Whose face is often unseen

She whose voice whispers to your heart and soul

She who visits you in dream

She who is your Mother/Father/God/Source

She who is All that is

She who is reflected within the hearts and minds of humanity

She who takes you in the darkness of night

She who causes you to question


The nature of reality

She who breathes you into life

She to whose arms you will return

She, the creatrix of life everlasting

Forever loving

Forever creating

Forever dreaming you,

Breathing you,

Waking you up

Putting you to sleep

She who lifts you up

She who pulls you under

She who is you

As you are She

As you dream her

Breathe her

She who loves you so, beloved

Remember She

As She remembers you

Entwined Beloved

Betwixt and Between

Forever Entwined

Within the spiral of life

We Are She

Copyright Kimberley Lovell 12/11/2018 #divinefeminine #Goddess #MotherNature #Nature
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Hi Sweethearts

In this episode I'm joined by my good friend and guest Lisa Murray as we talk about Allowing Your Future To Have It's Way With You.How To Allow The Future To Have It's Way With You
How To Listen To The Whispers of The Future
How To Acknowledge Your Power, Potency and Creativity?
How To Stop Making Yourself Small and Diminishing Your Future.

I'm excited to be hosting Lisa for her Creative Futures Workshop in Glastonbury 15/16 September if you'd love to know more you can check out all the details here.

Visit the website to access your free resources.
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Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like to be? Do you know that more is possible?

What if the things that are limiting you could be unlocked and changed much more easily than you’ve imagined?

In this call, I'll be sharing the tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness® to assist you in finding more clarity and ‘clearing’ specific areas of your life. We can explore areas such as body, health, weight, sex and relationship, money, family, anxiety, stress and so much more.

This is about empowering you to know that you know; about you knowing what’s true and what works for you. What if you are more aware than you’ve acknowledged?

What if you had the keys to create anything and everything you desire?

Is now the time for you to create more ease and joy in your life, your living and business?

These tools have created amazing shifts, healings and transformation, many magical creations for myself, for my clients and students.

Join me on this call to discover how to have more ease and joy with your all areas of your life and living.

Join us live if you can, or receive the replay, you can send in any questions you have if you can't be live. REPLAYS sent to those who register for the call.

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Access Consciousness Foundation - 4 Days Receiving Powerful Tools to Transform All Areas Of Your Life. #AccessConsciousness #AccessFoundation #KimberleyLovell
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Want More Money Magic Miracles In Your Life & Business?

Say YES to You Choose The Magic

What if you having Money, Magic, Miracles and anything else you desire in life was easy?

Everything is energy and what you desire is seeking you.
What would having more Money, Magic, Miracles and Everything You Desire In Your Life create for you?

What if it could show up as if by magic?

Say YES to you. Choose The Magic, Join me for 5 Days of Magical Energy Pulls

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

* 5 Days of Magical Energetic Processes to Melt Your Blocks With Money
* Private Facebook Group for Q & A, Support and Celebration
* Video and MP3 Recordings of All Calls so you can listen whenever and
wherever you want

What will this course create for you, your life, your living, your business?

Click the link below if you wanna join me next Monday ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
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WBG 36: Money Magic In this episode I'm sharing Access Consciousness Tools to transform your money mindset. Magical Money Energy Pull included -
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Hi Sweetheart

Are you ready to create more money, magic and miracles in your life and your business? What if you could manifest everything that you desire? Come play with us in this 5 days of magical energy pulls. What's possible for you to create when you choose and say Yes to you?

Love & Magic
Kimberley x
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WEALTHY BUSINESS GODDESS SHOW: EPISODE 35 Access Consciousness Freedom Tools - Interesting Point Of View Check it out! (
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