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Michael Young
Some people collect cars or stamps. I collect businesses, opportunities and money.
Some people collect cars or stamps. I collect businesses, opportunities and money.

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Really Good Reasons Investors Should Invest Like Harvard
Since the 1980s, Harvard has adopted a strategy of diversifying investments beyond mainstream U.S. stocks and bonds. Using a strategy pioneered by David Swensen of Yale, the diversification includes investing in non-traditional asset classes like timber, re...

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For you to invest in the shipping industry it is important that you have a general understanding of how the shipping industry works. Maritime shipping in particular takes place on a variety of different vessels: general cargo ships, container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers. #shippingindustry

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That is not to say there are not really appealing investments with great returns out there. But, when you make an investment, you should have the confidence in what you are doing.

A friend recently asked me to define for them what I considered to be a smart investment. The answer is a simple one: an investment that consistently makes me (at least) the money that I projected it would.

But, there is more to it:

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How-To Reduce Risks When Investing in Alternative Investments
Every investor is looking for valuable insight on how to reduce and
minimize risks, especially when considering investments that may not be so mainstream. Here are some investing tips to help you reduce risks when investing in alternative investments.

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Great advice: Find a vehicle that is directly involved in building and maintaining economic growth in developed and emerging countries around the world. #globaltrade   #investingstrategy

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There are an increasing number of very appealing investment opportunities emerging in developing Asian nations. #asiainvest
4 Reasons Asia Investments Will Continue to Outperform
The market liquidity and volatility concerns that plague Asian markets is causing some investors to question whether or not investing in Asia is a smart choice. Here are 4 reasons why Asia's investments will continue to outperform other investing offerings.

#emergingcountries   #emergingmarkets   #investmentanalysis

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Understanding Investments in a Portfolio is Vital to Success
It is important for investors to stay up to date with their investments and make updates to their portfolio as markets change and new information emerges. #investmentanalysis   #investingtips

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Update Your Investing Strategy With Proven Alternatives
Although many investors have an investing strategy in place, it likely does not allow for updates or the introduction of new, more profitable alternatives. #investingstrategy

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As international trading increases year after year - estimated to be 4.7% growth in 2014, the exchange of goods and services will continue to flow through shipping containers in ports, and on shipping vessels, trains, trucks around the world. #globaltrade   #investmentopportunities
Invest in Global Trade - Earn While World Prospers
This is how investors can participate and contribute to global trade itself and earn steady returns while the world economy prospers.

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I have noticed an increasing amount of discussion about investing in emerging markets. The fact is that emerging countries like China and India are still developing and need foreign investment to achieve their economic potential. This presents some very profitable opportunities for the international investment community. #foreigninvestment
Things to Consider When Investing in Emerging Economies
Being successful in finding a good investment requires some degree of research, a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance and some strict due diligence.
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