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Saved by Grace
Saved by Grace

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click, and read.
when it feels like God is asking The Impossible of you…

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Motherhood as a Mission Field.
There is a good old saying, perhaps only said by my Grandfather, that distance adds intrigue. It is certainly true — just think back to anything that has ever been distant from you that is now near. Your driver’s license. Marriage. Children. Things that use...

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The Importance of Hell.
There are plenty of people today who don't believe in the Bible's teaching on everlasting punishment, even those who do find it an unreal and a remote concept. In 2003 a research group discovered 64% of Americans expect to go to heaven when they die, but le...

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American Pastor Saeed Abedini – a U.S. citizen imprisoned for his Christian faith.
Rajai Shahr Prison 2014 Merry Christmas! These days are very cold here. My small space beside the window is without glass making most nights unbearable to sleep. The treatment by fellow prisoners is also quite cold and at times hostile. Some of my fellow pr...
Sincerely, one of many girls who really do care.
Yesterday morning, Christmas morning, I received a text message from my mom with a link to a blog. And so I read... Are you a boy? I’m sorry. Not sorry that you’re a boy… That’s awesome. I’m sorry that you see hundreds of advertisements every week showing h...

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Red Balloon.

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Heard in the daylight.
This morning the big guy set out to change the oil and get the tires rotated. While reading in the waiting area he overheard the following conversation between a customer that had just walked in and the front desk employee. I then received a text message of...

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Tasty Jesus
A friend of mine is a commercial airline pilot. I asked him to work out some aviation figures for me. I wanted to see if I started a trip on an airplane and was one degree off-course at the outset of my trip from the target point of my destination how far a...

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Romans 5:8
  But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us .

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Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality
Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality From August 12, 2007 80-322 Source HERE By John MacArthur Well, tonight I want to talk to you on the subject of what God thinks of homosexuals. It is not a particular enjoyable subject to discuss, nor would any sin be...
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