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Syncing multiple accounts to one computer with Google Drive

I use Google Drive with multiple Google accounts, my work account and my personal account. And I'd really like to be able to sync my Google Drive for each of those accounts to the same computer.

Unfortunately, the Google Drive client software only supports syncing one account :(

But here's a solution:
(This at least works in OS X, I'll leave it to someone else to figure it out on other operating systems)

Short version:
Setup multiple user-accounts on your computer, setup Google Drive client software under each user-account, syncing with a different Google account from each one. Share the folders with your main account. As long as you keep the other user-accounts logged in, Google Drive will keep syncing for all the accounts you've set up.

1. Install Google Drive

2. Add another user account on your system

3. Setup Google Drive for under each account on your system, use a different Google account for each one

4. Give access to the second accounts Google Drive folder to your main account (lots of details about sharing here, but all you really need to do is change the file permissions on the folder)

5. Add a link to the second Google Drive folder in your main account
In terminal:
ln -s /Users/<second username>/Google\ Drive/ Google\ Drive\ -\ Work

Simple as that!

Now I have both Google Drives working, syncing, and accessible from my main account. Yay!

Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or more!

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