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Mamanou Jewelries
First Jewelry to spark conversation and bring you lots of compliments
First Jewelry to spark conversation and bring you lots of compliments

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Try a modern look!

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Visit our Website to see our products and buy with free shipping anywhere around the world.

Can Facebook Group a good option to advertise your new products?

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Website completed.
Credit Card accepted for all and any purchases....  We are proud to ship everywhere globally for FREE.

Come see our new collection of modern designs that spark conversation and bring contrast to any of your outfits.

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Take a few minutes to provide your comments and feedback about our jewelry products: YOUR OPINION MATTER TO US.
We need 200+ responses for proper analysis; your help is appreciated.

View photos first: (online PDF)
Then, respond a few questions: (online MS word doc)

You can email back the MS word doc to us directly at:
Thank you in advance.

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Online Press Release for MAMANOU are coming out.
Think of our jewelry as conversation start that will bring you lots of compliments, and increase your social interaction with others....

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Colorful bracelet

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Modern look!
matching earring set

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Presentation of modern fashion jewelry.
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