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The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption
Most of America is aware that our society is our society as a whole is experiencing an ever-expanding obesity epidemic:  62% of adult Americans are considered overweight . However, the amount of Americans suffering from another epidemic, information overcon...

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begin with the symptoms of information overconsumption. The three main symptoms
are: poor sense of time, distorted sense of reality, and attention fatigue. The
first symptom, poor sense of time, is when time becomes distorted to us. For
example, when ...

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Absence in Presence
last, and in my opinion most relevant symptom is attention fatigue. This
fatigue happens when we give in to the temptation of every distraction that
comes across our eyeballs. We are constantly interrupted by Facebook , Twitter ,
and text message notifi...

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Data Literacy
that you aware of the symptoms of information consumption, it is important to
master the skill of data literacy. Data literacy is this is the ability to
process, sort, and filter vast quantities of information (Johnson, 81). It
involves four components:...

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The Digital Disconnect
concept and skills of data literacy is especially important due to the
inaccurate data that is out there today. For example, in his book Digital Disconnect, McChesney argues that communication hindered by the “marriage” between
capitalism and Internet ...

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How to consume
that you have learned the symptoms of information overconsumption, and the
skills to select data, you are ready to master “ how to consume ”. Johnson
specifies frameworks that will help teach you “how to consume”. These
frameworks include consuming cons...

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the concepts of balance and diversity may seem easy and simple to follow, there
are reasons society has such difficulty consuming this way: a little thing
called  Algorithms . By definition, algorithms are encoded
procedures for transforming input ...

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Overall, I think through many of the readings in LIS 201 we have seen that much of the
information out there is not credible or manipulated in certain ways, therefore
it is necessary to be more aware of the information we are consuming . By
following the ad...

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Reviews Book Review: The Information Diet "Information Diet is definitely the kind of book
that we need to read going into 2012 with all of the junk information online
and on our TVs trying to creep into our lives and not making us think
critically" A Healt...

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the book, Johnson (pictured below) first gives the symptoms of overconsumption, describes how to
master data literacy, and finally gives you the skills and knowledge to master
consuming knowledge. Let’s begin with the symptoms of information
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