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It's been a while... and have missed not being here!
For the Soccer Fans a World Cup watch - select your Country.
Available now on Watchmaker.
Since South Africa not in the Cup this year, I'm rooting 'hooting' for Messi :)
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Here's an un'Reel' deal!
4 in 1 pack including the following Presets
Reel, Kamera, Google In Mind, Vase
- +Rod K wall (slightly modified)
- +Kev Mitchell Calendar
- +Jurgen Amourette notifications

Available here

Preset pack Images below
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Flowers for that special person in your life...

Wall +Deinna G (again)
Notifications +Jurgen Amourette
Calendar +Kev Mitchell
Google Now Weather icons
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Google In Mind
Thank you to
+Deinna G turntable image
+Jurgen Marouette notification text
+Kev Mitchell calendar
Google Now Weather Icons

- Subtle light up of Google Home Speaker on notifications
- Large icons light up on their notifications
- Google colours throughout

Hope you enjoy!
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Here is the Kamera Preset.
For once, it's available on PlayStore.
May I request a favourable comment if you enjoy it.
It is stable as is, but if Editing you may need to reboot due to the current crashes and lag experienced on the latest KLWP release.
The Kamera Winder points downwards on any notification received.
Certain notifications will also light up in the Kamera body.
Thank you to +Kev Mitchell for his Calendar Komponent.
Thank you to +Deinna G for the Kamera and Flower walls adapted for this preset.
Thank you to +Jรผrgen Amourette for notifications.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks
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I'm trying to release a new preset to PlayStore.
Everything seems to have worked however when I view the App on Playstore it shows the following:-
This app is incompatible with all of your devices even though I've managed to install it on one of these devices.
Thanks in advance

Please may I have some assistance with a basic code.
Trying to show an image at night and another image in the day.
Have tried to use the $ai(isday)$ function but not having the greatest success.

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No my son, you are not getting a bicycle for your next birthday even if it looks easy with only 2 legs!!

Taken on TV while watching the Giro d'Italia cycling race today taking place in Israel.
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Please could I receive some assistance on the below.
I'm trying to get a Phone image to appear when a notification is received.
WhatsApp, and other apps works perfectly with the below:-

$if(ni(pcount, com.whatsapp)>0,100,0)$

This does not work on the default Phone App


A link to the preset post with an animation of the description above can be found here


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A bit different to my usual. Hope you enjoy!
Thank you to J. Amourette for Notifications

preset designed for 1440x2880
May fit most screens.
Update to oval7 which addresses missed phone call image now appearing.
Thank you to +Bruno-Isa LAMOUR-ARNOULD +Stephan Schwรถbel
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