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Sean Ryan

So the new AI... do they ever attack unprovoked?

I've been telling carriers to drop off all but 1 ship, is this functionally identical to telling them to drop off all ships? Have I been wasting time?

I know in the first game if you told a carrier to go to 0 ships it would scuttle itself. So that's what worries me about the drop all order.

Or am I maybe technically telling the carrier to drop off all but 2 ships (1 and the 1 keeps it alive)?

That wonderful moment when you accidentally improve the infrastructure of a star you're about to lose

So the first and second placed players just quit out of boredom. If the game ends with them still having more stars than other active players, would they end up with 2nd or 3rd place? Even though they conceded defeat? Or would it skip over them?

In most of the games I've played if a player starts to lose they just quit. That's annoying but understandable. What I don't like is that they often do so without giving out any of their renown. If you eliminate someone, you should just get all their unspent renown.
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