In life there is one thing guaranteed. We are all born to die.
Life should be fun and happy, not geared up for Industries that kill us either through pollutants or stress.

For example, my home area of West Cumbria was basically self sufficient after the 2nd World War and along came a new industry Sellafield. It gave people drive and energy and invigorated our local economy with other businesses supplying the Nuclear Industry.

However, after having all our fringe businesses eroded one by one for example Farming, Textiles, Brickworks, Steel Industries and even the Pubs were busy.
Few industries were 24/7 and people had the quality of life that they so often dreamed of.
Then as the jobs dried up and people became depressed the pharmaceutical industries jumped on the band wagon and handed out anti-depressants and those who couldn't find work resorted to a life of riley on the sick, working the system. Could you blame them? No, you got more money on the sick.

Then we fast forward to today! Nuclear boost for the area! New Nuclear build. Underground repository planned and everyone is happy, yeah? Yeah if you chase the money, no if you value every persons Health and Safety!

I work in the Nuclear Industry and I am not a press officer who can twist good news out of bad.
I work in Health and Safety and I am a DAP for the most complicated plant on the Sellafield Site, so I do know my stuff! When accidents happen that affect Nuclear Safety people lie to protect themselves and the company! Disgraceful! I don't know how people sleep at night!

You only have to watch the documentary about 'Nuclear Island' the Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific Ocean to understand why Nuclear is not the way forward. The way the Americans duped their own soldiers to conduct a series of Atomic testing along with the Hydrogen bomb shows how they value the world along with murder of their own soldiers in order to create a bomb that would bring an end to all wars and ensure world peace.

It is a moving documentary that reaches out to peoples hearts, providing you have a heart.
Lets face it, since we have gone towards Nuclear Clean Power, the cancer rates have gone up. Nuclear is an industry where if you pollute accidentally, it is often played down because there is nothing visible that you can see for example an oil slick or smoke coming out of a chimney.
When the 'Great Fire' happened in 1957 and advertised on the Sellafield Ltd energize homepage it was sickening to see a company who I once had respect and faith in glorifying an accident has 100% chopped people down in their prime with premature death due to cancer.

I do not take the scientists view that cancer is genetic because I know a girl who has life threatening cancer. Bowel cancer that has metastasised to her liver. She has an identical twin sister and she has exactly the same identical genes. I will not bow to the 'It's just bad luck either' that is often played in the press.

Cancer is cause 100% from the Nuclear Industry! End of! I wish people in this industry would tell the truth, rather than fear being sued by the public for their naivety and greed!
There is a cure for cancer and it is cannabis oil. I would rather die trying, trying to save somebodies life and be jailed for breaking the law!

Why are laws created? Big Business run the governments and those in government are puppets to big business to criminalise drugs so that people will go to work to increase productivity. All business wants to do is make money, money and more money.

With the scandals rocking with fraud with the big banks, cash for questions, fiddling expenses forms and even the Hillsborough disaster with the truth coming out 26 years later, how can we trust what those on a pedestal who are allegedly 'Fantastic Role Models' when in fact they are all glorified petty thieves!

However, today I come forward with hope. I will tell the truth from this day forward and will not tell any more lies. What has happened in the past, we cannot change, but we have to look to create industries that engage 'EVERYBODY' and not for the high achievers only.

Schools should be embracing skills that are a required in the day to day living rather than pushing everybody to get the 'C' grades that industries desire. People are being left on the shelf and often more certainly become criminals because of isolation and exclusion.

I could go on for ever, but I won't! I have 3 young sons who I have not seen for 5 months, but I battle on as best as I can! You can contact Stephen Morris who is a Sellafield doctor, who I have had pleasure having conversation during our recent trip to Blackpool, confirming I am not mentally ill, lol. Its because I tell the truth and in this day and age is that wrong?

Todays date is very significant 22/5/2015 because when you convert them to letters of the alphabet they correspond to 22=V 5=E 20=T 15=O
So that is why on todays date I personally VETO the proposed Nuclear New build at Moorside because I care about everyone in the world. Let's find a cure for cancer and forget about the pension pots. Life is more important than money? Yeah!
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