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Dylan Craig
William D. Craig: A Physicist, A Musician, A Romantic
William D. Craig: A Physicist, A Musician, A Romantic

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Give it a listen! My entry into the Insomniac Discovery Project.

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Hey Folks! I'd really appreciate it if you gave this mix a listen. I'm trying to win this contest and every listen helps. =] If you like it, then feel free to share with your friends! I'd love some insight on it as well.

It's Friday, Friday...

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Listen to it, love it, and spread it! This is my entry into the Ultra Music Festival DJ competition, so we need to get as many plays on this mix as possible!

I hope you enjoy. =]

I'm so stoked for Christmas!

So stoked for Christmas this weekend!

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Be sure to listen in!
Hey guys! Going live in about 45 minutes with tonight's premiere episode of Atlas--my weekly mix show. Be sure to tune in!

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Here's my artist page guys, I'd appreciate it if you added me to your circles!

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Stoked for the rave tomorrow. =]
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