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"Science should stay out of politics" is a political position.

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Photographer Maximilian Teodorescu from Romania captured the International Space Station silhouetted against the Moon in broad daylight.

Looking back over the debacle over the Jarvis St. bike lane, I realized that the Goon Show had Rob Ford's number over 50 years ago:

SEAGOON: Now, as a strolling Prime Minister of no fixed address, I
must protest at this gross mis-spending of Public Funds.
This-this-this building in Ceylon was supposed to cost twenty five
thousand pounds! In fact it cost fifty-nine thousand!

BLOODNOK: We mustn't stand for this!

SEAGOON: We're not going to! We're not going to indeed! To teach those
concerned with this disgusting waste a severe lesson, I've ordered the
building burned to the ground, and a new building put up at the proper
-- The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI, Jan 24, 1956
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