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Hike to Phajoding / Dungtsho
"I can turn to that day as though
it were a page in a book. It’s written so deeply upon my mind I can almost
taste the ink."                             Hannah Kent, Burial Rites  Well, that's how I feel when I remember the hike to Phajoding last month. Pha...

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How to make time for reading
Four summers ago, I made a pledge to
read 55 books by Fall 2016. I love books and I cannot deny it. Not only did I beat
the challenge but completed 67 books.   This
is the only achievement I am proud of! Just like everyone else, I had a busy
work life from ...

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The sky last evening. Magnificent, isn't it?  I often wonder where this life is
heading... I have not read a newspaper for six
months now, haven't watched television but have seen two movies at least. I have
just been to one social event. I’ve measured my l...

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Conversations: the very essence of Human Relationships
He wakes
up from a splitting headache. The bedside clock shows 3am. The night is as
still as the sea. It’s as if one would wake up a sleeping baby if you breathe a
little louder.     The
headache is from the cheap red wine he had with her last night.  "We a...

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What it means not to be on Facebook in the age of digital media
On a whim one lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to deactivate my
facebook account and deleted the application from my phone altogether. Before I
ditched the social media, I was asked a couple of questions as to why and for
how long I’m deactivating the accou...

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Let’s talk about books
Hello there! It’s been long. I haven’t been
around here much, that’s because I was unplugging from the internet. It occurred
to me that I was spending way too much time on the internet than required. Instead
I wanted to invest that time productively; readin...

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The day I got lucky…
was the day I became an older
sister to a chubby little boy. It was January 29, 1989. Today, I want to
let my brother know how lucky I am to be his sister, to have shared the same
womb. I don’t remember the early years of
holding him in my arms. I just reme...

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Book Review // Chronicle of a Love Foretold
Monu Tamang’s Chronicle
of a Love Foretold published in December, 2015 is a young adult fiction based in
Raichur, Karnataka, India. It’s the story
of the Bhutanese students in India, their initial struggle to blend in with the
locals in the south and how th...

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2015 in books
             At the beginning of the year, I set
a challenge on goodreads to read 20 books . In between lots of travel for work, I was worried I may not be able to complete the challenge but as
always I carried books wherever I went and not only 20, but I c...

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How did it get late so soon?
Hello blog buddies. How’ve ye all
been? I’ve been out of this space for quite long and of all things, I’ve missed
this space tremendously, this community. Writing and reading keeps me sane. I
have missed reading all your blog posts, I promise to catch up wi...
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