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Debra Gordon
One writer. Three specialties. Unlimited possibilities.
One writer. Three specialties. Unlimited possibilities.

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Four days left to register for my six-figure freelancing workshop & get the 10% discount. This six-hour seminar on 3/26 in Philadelphia is packed with wisdom, wit, and winning tips that will launch your career to financial heights you never thought possible. Register today!

You have one more day to register with a discounted price for my HEOR Business of Medical Writing Workshop! Head to Philadelphia on March 26 to participate in my six-hour workshop: Taking Your Medical Writing Business to the Next Level — and Beyond  This course is perfect for anyone with an independent medical writing business as well as those of you currently employed full time who may, one day, head out on your own. Learn more here:

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Who’s In Charge? You or Your Doctor?

I’ve written about Patientzillas before. . . and now I’m going a step beyond. I’m starting a new business to teach people how to be Patientzillas, and how to advocate for themselves in a byzantine health care system (or find someone who can). I want teach employees how to ask questions and stand up for themselves in a still-paternalistic environment; how to find information on their own, partner with their doctor to work together on their health, and find quality, cost-effective care.

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Care for your business as you do your body. Stretch your skills and build capacity with tomorrow's white paper seminar. You’ll learn to write white papers, market them, and promote this skill to clients: Register today!

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Did you know that white papers establish company executives as thought leaders in the field? Only three more days to register for my upcoming webinar:…/

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You need to use white papers as a marketing tool. Why? They drive sales. Seventy-six percent of technology decision makers and 72 percent of IT professionals use white papers to evaluate purchases, while 83 percent of technology decision makers say white papers are “moderately to extremely” influential in purchasing decisions.  Register today for my upcoming webinar:

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Vote for us!

My colleague, Bonnie McClain, and I are offering the following webinar: Beyond the Pill: How to Communicate Value at the Point of Care
Bonny P McClain, MSc, DC, graphe me consulting, inc
Debra Gordon, MS, Medical and Healthcare Communications Consultant
Summary: How do we drive patient centricity into the evolving healthcare ecosystem in alignment with our responsibilities in medical education and the goals and objectives of a variety of stakeholders? Shared insights discussing methods to engage patients to determine if we are meeting their needs, what does the value paradigm look like? — aspirational to operational. Transparency, partnership, continuous learning, and a focus on health outcomes are key elements of successful patient engagement strategies–important skills to deliver content that communicates value for the entire care pathway.
What Makes Your Session Unique?: As the healthcare ecosystem evolves providers are impacted by policy, cost/benefit scenarios and the complicated health economics influencing market access and post-commercialization success. Medical education is in a unique position to inform and provide solutions at many gaps utilizing innovative data strategies like Tableau and real world data to optimize our proximity to the healthcare professional to partner and strengthen their perspectives and needs.
Length of Session: 60 minutes

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Added photos to The Awesome Power of White Papers: Bringing Customers to You!.

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The next 25 people who register for my white paper webinar will receive a free copy of Lori DeMilto’s book, The Mighty Marketer: Your Guide to Making More Money as a Freelancer. Just use the promo code: BOOK
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