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merry christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone!  love the Dotty Wrens xxxx

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Last one from me on this year's advent! Dawn x

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This weekend I'll mostly be swanning about. Lizzie x

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One week to Christmas Day people. Time to panic or get excited - depending on whether you did all your shopping in October....or not... Dawn x

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How did it get to my turn again already?! This month is whizzing by! Dawn x

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Two weeks to Christmas Eve people, time to get that Christmas spirit going...ho ho ho.... Dawn x

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December is whizzing by! Day 6 already! Argh! Dawn x

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Hi folks, my turn today :) Dawn x

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hello october
Happy October everyone! Happy new calendar! love Lizzie x desktop... 8x10... A4...

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happy september
Wowee, September? Already? Like autumn is on it's way and everything? Did we actually even have a summer? Not in the UK we didn't! Here are the new calendar downloads to cheer you up... Dawn x desktop... A4... 8"x10" .....
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