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Buying foreign exchange? Jamii Bora Bank introduces to you the new Online Forex Teller platform on our website. This new service allows you to make Forex quotes and settle them online. No more queues. No more forms. No more engaged lines. Try the JBB Online Forex today

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To learn about the new JBB innovative #Forex product dubbed FPESA[TM] , check out the link--> via @YouTube

#JBB #FPESA is Forex transactions reduced to a secure online operation. #innovation #Enterprisebank

With #JBB #FPESA you can buy foreign exchange,make wire transfers and reconcile accounts, all at ease. #EnterpriseBank

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We would like to introduce; FPESA - Foreign exchange transacting without the ulcers. Check video--> via @YouTube

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Biashara street back in the 80's #TBT #JBB #EnterpriseBank #BestOf2015 

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As an #EnterpriseBank we assist Chamas to:
1. Invest with a difference
2. Transform their investment groups into wealth creator
3. Prove that Chamas are powerful drivers for increasing members wealth in the long-term
4. Overcome typical Chama challenges like;
a. Poor investment choices
b. Lack of visionary ideas
c. Mismanagement
d. Doing business from a social context


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Creating an investment as a group is better off than going solo. Chamas are the best ways to grow together. The Power of investing in chamas is huge. Are you in a chama? Our ‪#‎Chamatip‬ today.... Join A #Chama. Grow your #investments

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Daily Forex report. Check out our online Forex teller today---> #JBBForex @Forexcoke

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