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I've just finished reading a great book and wanted to share it with everyone. It's called "Practical Shooting, Beyond the Fundamentals" by Brian Enos

** Don't be quick to judge the tittle - as just a shooting thing. This book is loaded with ideas, concepts and aspects directly related to SYSTEMA that I never considered and found profound insight into what my teachers have been telling me for years. 

Jerky movements, rushed actions only agitate and lead to inconsistent results and behaviours. Keep this in mind when you training....

"Smooth is Fast" I heard one military instructor yelling out. Never forgot those words. They where bang on the mark. Applies to martial arts, cycling, guitar playing and a whole lot of proficiencies. Whatever your doing - begin by finding the point with which you can accomplish it smoothly. It coincidently feels the most comfortable. As time progresses and you add speed by relaxing more (i.e. smoother) This would explain why the great ones make things look so easy. 
"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind"
Bruce Lee

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An evening class at FC... check out the fun!
Fight Club Event Highlights (part 1 of 2)

See the fundament elements of anything you decide to do in life is critical. In martial arts there is this belief that you need to do everything at high speed to make it real. The problem is not that people cannot work at high speed. They cannot see at high speed, what they need to see. 

If you take a moment to teach yourself to see what you need to see at high speed then you will see results at high speed. 


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Its been an interesting two weeks at RMA headquarters that I wanted to share with everyone. It really highlighted how my abilities and senses have changed and how my body, mind and spirit have now been tuned do to the direct training in SYSTEMA. 

As most of you know I train at RMA headquarters ever tuesday morning. About two weeks ago I went to classes and had a very unusual feeling about a student that was at class. Not bad or good but just a feeling that I need to train with this person. about 40 minutes into the class after a good warm up that Vlad put us through I found my opportunity to train with this person. My first impressions where that he wanted to be the next systema 'Rasputine' (great russian warrior) LOL. We started working and I detected something very wrong in him and careless about his work with me as a person. As training proceeded I brought him to the ground hard, punched in the stomach hard and smashed him in the mouth hard enough to split lips. I was not angry, quiet calm. He was visibly upset me with and my body was attuned to what might come next. He told me I didn't understand SYSTEMA, I explained to him that he was careless and a bad person and this is what happens to people like that. I stood strainght in front of him calmly as I've seen Mikhail do may times. His words in my head "bad people need to fear good people, not the other way around". My partner walked off and away from me as I stood in the middle of the training gym. 

This week the same student was there, I look at him and smiled a friendly smile. I had no ill will towards the person. He looked away as most bad people do. Sure enough 30 minutes later into class this person crossed paths with another student who detect what I did last week. Who witnessed what I did last week. He did the same as me and stood firm ground agains this bad person. He got very heated, Vlad came over and talked to the person. He started to cry and left the training area. 

I have taken many lesson from these two weeks at RMA.
Lessons about bravery is a stillness, courage an action. Both need calmness, focus and inner and outer awareness. My whole body was tuned for action but calm in its presence. 
Through my years I've had similar things happen a seminars, or at FC to varying degrees, but rarely have I seen my actions instil confidence in others to do the same a week later. Years passed I believe I would have spent a lot of time and energy competing with this person to prove Im better. Instead I realized that my training ins systema allowed me to just shine a light where there is darkness. You can't really change people as much as you might think. What you can do is show people what they look like and let them decide it they like it...

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