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As Technology takes a huge part of our life and many of our daily actions depend on it, it’s so obviously that we should benefit from it in emergency situations. #SavMe #app uses the latest #smartphone technologies (camera, #GPS location, compass,... etc) to help caller and #operator deal with the situation at hand quickly and efficiently.Once personal information display on operator screen, caller #Medical history appears as well, in order to help the operator react faster. SavMe provides an operator with colored #emergency cards reflecting caller Medical status (red: severe allergies and Medical devices - yellow: taking medicine - green: good to go).SavMe has taken the need of mute people into account and allows for text interaction with the operator. This feature is also essential if the person is unable to speak because of a danger that might occur to him/her or when he/she becomes speechless and unable to describe the situation.Video #conferencing allows the operator to understand the situation at hand and how to react to it correctly (an image worths thousand words). The operator can also give directions on how to provide first aid to other parties involved. +FasterCapital has been developing the whole technical solution for us on technical development vs equity basis and invested $675,000 in SavMe.
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