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GAM is your complete source for gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits
GAM is your complete source for gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits

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What are bellows couplings?
What are bellows couplings? A bellows coupling is a type of coupling design which consists of a thin
walled, flexible corrugation (bellows) that is connected between two clamping
hubs.  They are traditionally used for servo motion control applications
that ...

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GAM Introduces the SPH Flange Gearbox
GAM, a manufacturer of high precision gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits, introduces the SPH Flange planetary gearbox. The SPH Flange (SPH-F) is the first high performance inline flange gearbox from GAM.  Based around high precision he...

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Introducing the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Coupling
The EDC is designed, machined, and assembled
to order in Mt. Prospect, IL.  CAD models are online
and easily configurable for download in minutes.   The EDC is available in four
sizes based on the torque rating: 25Nm, 35Nm, 80Nm, and 110Nm. Derived from the...

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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes - When Size Matters
With torques up to 4,440Nm, frame sizes up to 350mm, and power
ratings up to 267kW, the V-Series is tough enough to handle demanding power
transmission applications.    For miniature mechatronic applications when space is a premium, our
L-Series is the best...

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Considerations for Continuous Running Spiral Bevel Gearbox Applications
Spiral bevel gearboxes are often
selected for continuous running applications due to their high efficiency
ratings up to 96%.  However, in low ratio configurations, the input and
output shafts will be running at higher speeds resulting in greater heat

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GAM Spiral Bevel Gearboxes: Dependable by Design
1. Housing:  Sturdy cast iron housing
(Aluminum in size 35mm and 45mm) - all 6 sides can be used for
mounting  2. Bearings:   Deep groove ball bearings
handle axial and radial loading. (Reinforced and taper roller options
available) 3. Spiral Bevel

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High School Students in Career Exploration Course Visit GAM
Students enrolled in a Summer Career Exploration Course sponsored by Oakton Community College and NSERVE, visited GAM to see what a future in engineering and advanced manufacturing could be like.  Through the Career Exploration Course, students get first ha...

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Why are Hypoid Gearboxes Ideal for Right Angle Applications?
This example will compare a traditional planetary bevel gearbox (left) with a hypoid gearbox (right), in a 5:1 gear reduction ratio. Planetary Bevel Gearbox By construction, a planetary bevel gearbox is the combination of an input bevel gear stage and an ou...

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Thomas Middle School Students Visit GAM - 5-1-2014
GAM has partnered with nearby Thomas Middle School to help educate students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.  For several years now, students visit GAM as a part of the Careers Connection class which includes a job sha...

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GAM Employees Participated in the Shelter Inc. 5K
This past weekend, GAM employees participated in the Shelter Inc. 5K race in Arlington Heights.  Several employees actually took home awards for finishing.  Dan came in 2nd overall, Matt and Jesus both placed in their age group.  Shelter, Inc. provides comm...
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