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Keeping Employees Safe with Telephone Answering Services
Employee safety is a primary concern of any business. For those companies that have staff that work off-site or alone, safety becomes an even bigger issue. One way to protect those workers is by providing access to the company even if they are located elsewhere. The phone is often the main point of contact and an answering service can make a big difference in the safety and security of your staff.

Dangers for the Lone Worker

Numerous problems can befall a worker that is on a job alone. The main worry is the fact that the person could be injured or fall ill and no one would be around to help him or her. This is an even bigger issue in jobs with equipment or hazardous materials. However, people who have to climb or carry items are also vulnerable.

Another issue is for those workers that are off-site at a client's home. Those in the medical field such as home health care aides and nurses may be working with people that can become physically or verbally abusive.
Staff members that are alone with no one to vouch for them may be falsely accused of certain activities such as theft. While many of these situations can happen with or without an answering service in place, having someone to call quickly can provide a sense of relief to the worker.

How Telephone Answering Services Help

A telephone answering service provides a valuable service for businesses that have lone workers out on the field. First, they can make it easier for staff to check in when they reach a job site and again when they leave. This allows you to monitor the employee's progress to know that they make it to each job. If you do not hear from the person within a reasonable length of time, you know where to begin looking.

Employees that are in an uncomfortable situation can call for help at the first sign of problems. They know they don't have to "deal with it alone" and can ask for assistance. Someone that is hurt or sick can call for a ride if it is not serious enough to warrant an ambulance.

Sometimes the problem will be how to handle some aspect of the job instead of a health or hazard issue. Having an answering service to report to allows them to get a fast answer instead of having to figure things out alone. This can improve their mental health by reducing the stress they face when they are unsure what to do.

It's often nice to know someone is there "just in case" even if you never need to call. It can give employees the peace of mind to do their jobs with no worries about what they will do if something happens. And should there be an unfortunate situation, they know you are just a phone call away even if it is after business hours. A telephone answering service allows employees to feel like they are not alone even when that is how they work.
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