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atheist do not know or understand anything.  stop embarrassing yourselves.  put yourselves in the position to learn before you post stuff that you don't know anything about
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Mike Mike

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Looking for a good wifi tether app. I'm stock rooted. Any suggestions or apk links? 
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Foxfi needs no root.
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Public - a month ago
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Parking is the worst. No security. Not safe. Damn near every car in the parking deck gets broken into at one time! 16-20 cars easy! Mine twice! Car windows broken out everywhere once a month. Smh. Tammy is a nice leasing office lady but has no solutions for these issues. This place was poorly constructed as well. Our bathroom countertop has detached from the wall and the most pressure I've ever applied to it was pumping lotion. Smh Water pressure is a common complaint here as well. Maintenance man confirmed that with me. Cosmetics breakdowns and lack of size could be better tolerated if rent was lower. Paying $1280 for 700sq ft. Smh. And there's no pool! Wtf? Oh, but they have free bike rental. Grampa bikes though. Didn't pick this place because we loved, we kinda had to make a quick move. Didn't think it was going to be this bad though. Good luck if you choose it.
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Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
I took my mom here for her birthday. It was 7 of us. We had a really bad server though. I don't want blame the entire restaurant though. I think if we would of had a good server we would have really enjoyed ourselves. I think our server just had a bad day. We asked for the house wines and he said they didn't carry house wines. But we had a Groupon that said we get 4 house wines. Then he found the house wines. Lol. He also took forever taking our orders. Then he never brought out our appetizers! Lol Then we asked for the chocolate bday cake and he brought out the bread pudding and we stopped singing happy birthday until he brought the right cake out. We didn't even get any discounts on our meal either! But the overall place was nice and the food was good. I would probably go again. Nice place for a date.
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Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
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Friggin awesome place man! I would live there is I could! People great, food great, music great, service great! Fun and games with live music! Great place to hang out or single or as a couple! They have a friggin photo booth! Lol
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Horrible server. I wanted to like the place, but the service just wouldn't let me. Don't want to say the whole restaurant sucked. It was just my server. Took forever to get water, to take our order and to bring the check. He even got 3 out of 4 orders totally wrong! Smh. To expensive to have customer service issues.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago