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Natural weaning, or child-led weaning, can raise eyebrows, or hackles, but what is the real story.

This article includes a link to a full interview with a Mother who has experienced the upper end of the range of normal in natural weaning.

There is much to be learned when we listen to those who have been there.

What have your experiences been?
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I hope this isn't earth shattering and new to you...but if it is: welcome to awareness.
New information can be revolutionary. It can shatter old understanding and dogma.
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please, if you are on facebook, check out,

you will find a link to a survey regarding the articles by 'bellabirth' on wholewoman.
New information can be revolutionary. It can shatter old understanding and dogma.
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you value critical thinking and autonomy.

but do you have a feather in your cap?
We live in a society of qualified specialists. There are certificates and degrees for every imaginable thought.
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A FAQ regarding doulas is:

"I have my partner, won't a doula get in the way?"

Given you are Wonder Woman (awesome, powerful, capable), let us assume your birth partner is batman (no need to get caught up on gender here, batman could be your partner, your mum, a friend). Batman needs Robin. Robin is the helpful side kick. Batman gets to be the 'hero', with Robin quietly supporting.

Sometimes those closest to us need support too. A doula is a team member, not a replacement.
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Don't miss out.  There are only 13 workbooks remaining.
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Criminalising the behaviour of women who do as the law intended to get paid parental leave? Nice one, Tony.
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Have you seen the rule of three at play?
There is power is the number three, power so subtle that you may not even realise just how familiar you are with the rule of three.
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what do you think?
New information can be revolutionary. It can shatter old understanding and dogma.
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